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Weitra Castle is a Renaissance castle in the Waldviertel, built at the end of the 16th century by reconstruction of a medieval castle. It is located in an elevated position south of the historic center of Weitraer, in the district of Lower Austria Gmünd.

Schloss Weitra History

In the years 1201 to 1208, Hadmar II of Kuenring invested the city of Weitra castle, the castle was to the south, at the highest point of the sloping granite plateau. Weitra had since its inception, the central military, administrative, judicial and ecclesiastical function in the so-called "District Witrensis", it was also the city of the central market of the castle and refuge in time of war.

In 1581, the Habsburg emperor Rudolph II entrusted the city and domain of Weitra to Freiherr Wolf Rumpf von Wiehlroß, at that time one of the largest and richest in the whole Waldviertel. The wolf's hull left the castle to the plans of the imperial builder Pietro Ferrabosco from 1590 to 1606, who also built the Stallburg in Vienna, rebuilding it into a magnificent Renaissance castle, which today is more than ever a living center and attraction of the Upper Waldviertel.

Wolf Rumpf's widow, Maria, a born Countess Arco, married Count Friedrich von Fürstenberg, a Swabian native, to whom he inherited the city and Weitra Castle. Since then, this family (later princes and landgraves) owned by Schloss and Gut Weitra.

As the seat of the NÖ Landesausstellung in 1994 the castle was completely renovated and subsequently made accessible to the public and made accessible, from the tower to the cellars. In addition to the Castle and Brew Museum, a full program of events is offered throughout the year.

Schloss Weitra

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Spittal an der Drau
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Schloss Weitra
  Schloß Weitra, 71 - 3970 Weitra
  +43 2856 3311

Schloss Weitra
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