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Pivovarská, 28 - 381 Český Krumlov - České Budějovice   see map - Contact
Krumlov Tower is a luxurious and unique accommodation in a medieval watchtower more than 500 years old, preserved in its original state since 1505. After an expensive reconstruction, with love for history, the tower was reopened in 2016. Emphasis is placed on every detail and connection to times past.

Krumlov Tower History

Český Krumlov Castle is a castle in Český Krumlov, in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. It dates back to 1240 when the first castle was built by the Vítkovci family, the main branch of the powerful Bohemian Rosenberg family.

By the 17th century the Rosenbergs had died out, and Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II ceded the domain of Krumau to Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, naming him Duke of Krumau. After the death of Hans Ulrich's son, Johann Anton I von Eggenberg, the castle was administered for the period between 1649 and 1664 by his widow Anna Maria.

One of her two sons, Johann Christian I von Eggenberg, was responsible for the castle's Baroque renovations and extensions, including the castle theater, now called the Eggenberg Theater. When the male Eggenberg line died out in 1717, the castle and duchy passed into the possession of the Schwarzenbergs. In 1947, the Schwarzenberg estate, including Český Krumlov, was transferred to the Czech provincial estates and in 1950 became the property of the Czechoslovak state. The entire area was declared a national monument in 1989, and in 1992 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tower has been preserved intact in its original state and is considered an extremely significant cultural monument, one of the few preserved fortified objects documenting the historical development of the town's fortification, capable today of providing a unique accommodation steeped in history equipped with every convenience.

Krumlov Tower

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Czech Republic, České Budějovice
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Krumlov Tower
  Pivovarská, 28 - 381 Český Krumlov
  +420 380704721

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