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Schloss Mühldorf is a castle located in the Meierhof, in the Verwalterstöckl. There are a total of 35 rooms and suites. The complex has 3 event rooms, a small wellness area, a riding stable and seminar rooms. The 27-hole Donau Golf Club and the Schloss Mühldorf sports arena with 2 football fields are adjacent to the hotel.

Schloss Mühldorf History

Mühldorf Castle was built around the turn of the millennium and was first mentioned in a document in 1347 under Niklas dem Mühldorfer. Georg Matthäus Vischer's engraving from 1674 shown below shows that Mühldorf was a heavily fortified moated castle. A wall with two round and one square towers and two black watchtowers protect the complex. A wooden drawbridge led to the castle, the wheels of which are still visible beyond the gates. The rural buildings were located in front of the main building, whose structure dates back to the 16th century. A castle chapel with an altar from 1660 has been preserved in the southwest tower.

Wilhering Abbey owned it for the last 200 years, until 1980, when a new generation of "castle lords" moved in with the Würmer family and created a new category of "quality of life". An intense experience can be lived here. Castles fascinate. As children we made it the setting of our fairy tales and our dreams. Having grown up, we project our ideas of feudal life into the old walls. Rarely enough, but lately more and more often, something new awakens behind the thick walls, something that wasn't there. Tradition meets design, nostalgia meets lifestyle and creates places of welcome and meeting, with a charm that no one can escape. This is what happened with the Mühldorf Castle in Feldkirchen an der Donau, just 17 km from the capital of Upper Austria, Linz.

Hotels and event locations can be booked exclusively for prestigious events in a unique historical context.

Mühldorf's vibe is real and not contrived, with the hotel's walls cracked and partly untreated due to its long history rather than mirror-polished seals, yet it's hard to beat in terms of charm and exclusivity.

The Meierhof, the Villa Cristina, the Villa Ariana and the Verwalterstöckl, framed by the castle wall, form an area of ​​the castle with an unmistakable arrangement of the Austrian hotel culture.

Schloss Mühldorf

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Lienz
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Schloss Mühldorf
  Mühldorf, 1 - 4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau
  +43 7233 7241

Schloss Mühldorf
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