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Stift Schlägl is the spiritual center of the Upper Mühlviertel. In its history of over 800 years, the region and the pen have grown together, so that today there is a state of natural symbiosis and connection. Pastoral tasks form the basis for constant contact with people. The economic factor Stift Schlägl plays an important role in the preservation of cultural heritage. And last but not least, the monastery serves as a source of cultural and social inspiration for the entire region.

Stift Schlägl History

Around the year 1203-1204 Kalhoch of Falkenstein undertook the foundation of a monastery at the foot of the Bohemian Forest. In extreme climatic and economic conditions, the Cistercian abbot Theodoric began with the construction of a small group of brothers from the monastery of Langheim near Bamberg. A first mention of the monastery in 1204 in a travel calculation by the Bishop of Passau Wolfger von Erla, a second in a document from the year 1209, the abbot and the monastery confirmed all the rights and freedoms.

On 9 July 1218, Kalhoch von Falkenstein handed over the monastery donated to the Premonstratensians from the Mühlhausen monastery in Bohemia. These began around 1250 with the construction of today's monastery. A reference to the necessary clearing operations is found in the name "Slage" and in the coat of arms with the two crossed bats.

In the 16th century the Reformation movements had a detrimental effect on the discipline and subsequently on the buildings of the monastery, so that Provost Crispin Fuck (he was forced to a partial reconstruction. His successor Wilhelm Capreolus began with the baroque era of the church, but after the his death in 1626 rebel farmers set fire to the church and the monastery, causing extensive destruction.

The reconstruction took place under Martin Graysing (1627-1665), who commissioned the baroque appearance of the church and added the northern section and the section of the convent. For his merits, he was promoted by the General Chapter to Premontré on 6 May 1657, abbot and Abbey of Schlägl in the abbey.

As a result, a total of seven serious fires caused serious damage, the last in 1850. Two years later, instead of the old stables in the eastern wing of the great neo-Baroque library, which borders the gallery of images built in 1898. The construction of a new section in the western area in 1853/54 created the closed courtyard that still exists.

The Schlägl abbey is active in various economic sectors:

In the existing Abbey brewery from 1580 Schlägl different types of beer are produced and bottled.

The forest management of the monastery manages the large forest property of about 6500 hectares, which is mainly found in the Bohemian Forest. On the Harar between Aurach and the Attersee there is also a part of the forest property of 798 hectares.

In addition to the well-known Gasthaus Stiftskeller, the Abbey runs several restaurants in the Hochficht ski area.

Stift Schlägl

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Rohrbach in Oberösterreich
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