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Linz Castle is an Austrian castle, located in Upper Austria, in the heart of the city of Linz, located on the Danube. The castle houses a museum where it is possible to throw away a mess on historical documents and objects of local culture and folklore, ancient musical instruments and vintage weapons.

Linzer Schloss History

A Roman castrum existed in the city of Lentia at the time of the Romans. The first certain existence, however, of a masonry construction dates back to 799. Under the rule of Emperor Frederick III, the castle was rebuilt in 1477 and served as his residence from 1489 to 1493. From this period there are still a few pots for the oil bearing the acronym AEIOU (East Austria Imperare Omni Universe), the emperor's motto. His son Maximilian I frequented the castle of Linz more often.

Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg in 1600 proved willing to expand the fortification and commissioned this to the Dutch architect Anton Muys. The Rudolfstor, the main portal of the castle (1604) that connects the structure to the city of Linz dates back to this era.

In 1626, after the peasants' war, the castle was further fortified and the structure enjoyed a special military governor, supplanted in 1783 by a governor for the state of Upper Austria who came to take up residence here.

During the Napoleonic wars, the castle served as a military hospital although in 1800 it was partly devastated by a fire that destroyed the south wing. Later it was used as a barracks.

After the Second World War, the castle was subjected to a general renovation to restore it to its former glory and a regional museum was opened there.

The castle of Linz, as has been said, also houses a museum which was partly opened in 1963 and officially in 1966. It represents a collection of historical objects and local folklore. The permanent exhibition preserves period weapons and ancient musical instruments as well as a vast numismatic collection.

Linzer Schloss

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Austria, Linz
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Linzer Schloss
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Linzer Schloss
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