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The Stadttheater Grein is located in the Austrian city of Grein. It is the oldest city theater in Austria, which is still regularly used, and is the stop on the Strada dell'Imperatore on the Europastrasse Historical Theater. Established in 1791 by fans of the Greiner theater in the former town hall granary, it is considered the oldest city theater in Austria and can be visited every day as a cultural monument. The city theater is still regularly used.

Stadttheater Grein History

The theater was established in 1791 by the citizens of Grein and the city magistrate in a barn in the town hall of Greiner, which had already been built in 1562, in the Rococo style. It has 167 seats, including the original preserved barriers, and other curiosities and has served various regional and national theater groups with some interruptions for theatrical performances since its opening.

Since 1992 the theater has been one of the places of the Greiner Dilettantengesellschaft. Every two years the Leopold Wandl Prize is awarded to Austrian authors for poetry and prose in dialect at the Greiner Stadttheater. The premises are also used for theatrical exhibitions on regional topics, which are open to the public from May to October.

Many curiosities of past times can be seen here. Locking locations originally preserved which could be locked and unlocked with a small key; a cell from which to watch the shows, the Napoleonic Lodge and much more.

Stadttheater Grein

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Austria, Perg
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Stadttheater Grein
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Stadttheater Grein
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