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Schloss Leiben is a castle in the city of Leiben in Lower Austria. Complex dating back 800 years, it houses a museum of agricultural engineering, with accessories, tools, agricultural machinery.

Schloss Leiben History

North of Melk, in the southern Waldviertel, is the 800-year-old Leiben castle, which is not only characterized by its unique 17th-century coffered ceilings. but it also impresses with its impressive progress in restoration in recent years.

Characteristic is the external appearance: a compact building block with large areas of Baroque Rieselputz with Ortbändern, smooth Geschoßgurten, windows in flat structures with prominent round and Rechtecktürmen in the construction areas, high roofs and Schindeldeckung.

The complex dates back mainly to the period 1617-1659. Towers and two courtyards make up the main pentagonal courtyard, loopholes and imposing arches determine the image of the castle.

Around 1113, the castle was built by the Knights of Leiben, who lived here until 1332. In 1617 it was sold to Hans Christian Geyer of Osterburg. Under his rule, the castle received its present appearance. The coffered ceilings of the 17th century in the prayer hall and of the knights are the work of an unknown artist. They show mythological and allegorical scenes, as well as images of spiritual devotion. In 1796 the castle entered the property of the imperial-royal family. This family fund was used to provide for family members and was created with part of the patrimony of Emperor Francis I. The general management of the Fund has become an independent authority. Pictures and documents from this period are kept in the nearby Schloss Artstetten. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1919, the entire property was handed over to the Administrative Disability Fund. From 1945 he entered the administration of the Austrian federal forests.

In 1989 the castle was purchased by the merchant city of Leiben. After a renovation, it is now regularly used for events. Since 1991 there is an agricultural engineering museum in the castle. Shows the agricultural tractors of 1910 including accessories, numerous models and documentation on the historical development of agricultural technology.

Schloss Leiben

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Melk
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Schloss Leiben
  Schlossstraße, 4 - 3652 Leiben
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Schloss Leiben
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