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The Monica Castle was built between 1889 and 1917 at the behest of the painter Gennaro della Monica. The artist from Teramo wanted to give the manor house a medieval character, making it then equipped with pointed windows, battlements, ditches, bastions, small towers and all the various architectural and stylistic details that could give it a gothic appearance.

Castello Della Monica History

Wanted and designed by the Teramo artist Gennaro Della Monica, from whom it took its name, it was started in 1889 after the Provincial Deputation issued the permit.
The Della Monica Castle is a unique architectural example in the entire national landscape for its design eclecticism: in fact it was designed and built as a personal home by the artist Teramo Gennaro della Monica, painter, sculptures and architect lived between the nineteenth and twentieth century, which the castle has also assumed the name.
The structure is located between the green of the small hill of San Venanzio, not far from Piazza Garibaldi, dominating the entire town that lies at its feet and the confluence of important road junctions and access to the city.
The construction of the Castle began in 1889 and, following the fashion in vogue at the end of the century that linked to the neo-gothic taste, presents a return to medieval taste. To make everything more truthful, Della Monica also built the village of the castle and tried to make everything a bit 'decadent, as worn down over the years. The complex consists of two secondary buildings that, together with the main body, form a real medieval village that, in addition to the Castle and the two buildings downstream, includes a service dependency and the terrace gardens. The Castle was erected on the site of the ancient church of San Venanzio, which used construction materials and decorative elements.
The interior of the castle is full of frescoes depicting landscapes and not only, works of the hand of Gennaro della Monica, who painted every detail. Della Monica lived in the Castle and placed her studio there, where she collected a huge amount of notes, studies and drawings, made during the completion of the interiors and the entire complex. Since the Second World War, the Castle has been increasingly surrounded and suffocated by the houses that have ended up completely obscuring the profile, to make it not very visible within the city and landscape context.
After Della Monica's death in 1917, it was Vincenzo Bindi, historian of the native art of Giulianova, who first proposed the acquisition by the Municipality to be used as the seat of the Civic Museum. The proposal, however, criticized by many parties, was immediately shelved.
Currently, with the exception of a single building that has remained private residence, the rest of the complex is owned by the Municipality of Teramo, which intends to recover it and re-functionalize it to be reopened to the public and returned to the city.

Castello Della Monica

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Teramo
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Castello Della Monica
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Castello Della Monica
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