Castello di Cernusco Lombardone

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The Castle of Cernusco Lombardone, inserted in the hilly landscape of Alta Brianza, offers itself as an enchanting location for unforgettable weddings, high-level business events and corporate meetings. The possibility of staying in the Castle suites also makes the structure a reference point for hospitality immersed in history and refinement.

Castello di Cernusco Lombardone History

The ownership of the building and the surrounding land belonged to the family of the Counts Lurani Cernuschi until it became the current owner, who faced the greatest challenge: to restore the entire structure to its former glory with a fine and careful restoration while maintaining the typology constructive and remaining faithful to the original structure. The house is bound by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage.

In the 11th century, the Milanese territory was divided into parishes that directly depended on the city's archiepiscopal authority; the town of Cernusco Lombardone belonged to the Pieve di Missaglia. The archbishop of Milan, Ariberto da Intimiano, managed to govern over such a vast territory using the local nobles who allowed the archbishop's dependence and sovereignty. It happened, however, that in the face of the overwhelming power of these lords and the aversion that the people already had for the archbishop, the commoners rose up, forcing the "nobles" to flee and take refuge in Milan. The ancient fortified places and the mansions of the lords became points of defense and offense. The commoners resisted Ariberto's powerful counter-offensive to the extreme, especially in the Castle of Cernusco, home of the supreme podestà, but then, overwhelmed and defeated, they vented their anger by demolishing the castles in which they had valiantly fought.

The Castle of Cernusco was the subject of reconstructions and improvements, later becoming the residence of the lords who dominated the place: first the powerful Petroni family, then the Castelli and Cernuschi. The Castle lost its strategic function over time, assuming the rural-residential one.

Castello di Cernusco Lombardone

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Lecco
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Castello di Cernusco Lombardone
  Via Giancarlo Puecher, 1 - 23870 Cernusco Lombardone
  +39 335 5432977

Castello di Cernusco Lombardone
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