Villa Medici Giulini

Via Medici, 5 - 20836 Briosco - Milan   see map - Contact
Villa Medici Giulini is an ancient seventeenth-century house located between Milan, Como and Lecco; among the most beautiful and suggestive villas in Italy, it binds its name to the world of cultural tourism linked to music and art for its vast collection of keyboard instruments. It offers hospitality with comfortable and modern rooms and suites while outside a charming park allows you to walk among the roses and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Villa Medici Giulini History

The contact with Villa Medici Giulini is definitely a matter of feelings, communicated by a continuous interweaving of pomp and at the same time of sober elegance. But the predominance of all these sensations is the omnipresent passion that animated the hostess in the choice of every particular, from the antique furniture to the precious object, even though in the vastness of the residence it was possible to create a " live museum ", where every room, small or large, transmits the warmth of a private house lived every day.

The villa, which dates back to 1643, is home to one of the richest collections in the world of ancient keyboard instruments, among which stand out unique or very rare pieces of fortepianos, harpsichords, spinets and organs. And further confirmation of the living spirit of this dwelling, it must be said that the instruments are all ready to be played by the landlady or her guests with the open scores on the music stands. In fact, among the habituè of the villa are in fact great musicians and concertists of world renown. Impeccable also the acoustics of the central hall: frescoed in the eighteenth century by Francesco Zuccarelli, it is there'authentic heart of the villa, as well as an extraordinary concert hall or recording.

The rooms are located in the guesthouse, housed in the building behind the villa and staying here can satisfy the hidden temptation to enjoy the pleasure of attending, "accidentally", to a private concert; pleasure to be enjoyed, perhaps, admiring the play of light and shadow that in the evening illuminates the eighteenth-century Italian garden, one of the oldest in all of Lombardy.

Villa Medici Giulini

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Milan
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Villa Medici Giulini
  Via Medici, 5 - 20836 Briosco
  +39 0362 958165

Villa Medici Giulini
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