Castello di Villar Dora

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The castle of Villar Dora is a medieval feudal residence, among the best preserved of the Susa valley, located on a small rocky hill in the center of the village.

Castello di Villar Dora History

The hill where the castle stands was already a settlement in the early centuries of the Vulgar era, as evidenced by some Roman finds (lamps and teardrops), found here in the 19th century.

Starting from the year 1287, thanks to some documents, the structure of the building called "Castrum Villaris Almexii" can be deduced. It consisted of three towers connected by a wall, still visible today in the lower part of the perimeter walls.

Its strategic importance was the scene of significant historical episodes. It is said, among other things, that one of the decisive battles between Constantine and Maxentius for the possession of the city of Susa took place at his feet. Later there was also the clash between the Franks and the Lombards.

Between the mid-fourteenth century and the mid-fifteenth century, the feudal lords of the Provana family proceeded to a renovation in the Gothic style, taking advantage of some existing buildings and creating new ones. The south-west area became the central body of the castle, consisting of three consecutive units: the Palacium (the old southern tower), the cylindrical tower and the wing of Margaretha De Rotariis.

It is said that in 1418 Pope Martino V Colonna returning from the Council of Constance stopped in the Castle. The various branches of the important Provana family gathered in the place and provided the Pope with an army to escort him on his return to Rome. As a thank you the Pope granted the honor to the Provana to frame their coat of arms with the column of the coat of arms of the Colonna princes.

The gardens were built in the 19th century, supported by a series of mighty arches.

In the first half of the 10s of the 20th century, Count Antonielli d'Oulx carried out restoration works that returned the original medieval aspect to the central body of the castle. Among the works carried out we mention the removal of the eighteenth and nineteenth century plasters, the reopening of the mullioned windows and the faithful reconstruction of the architectural elements that have been lost.

Currently the castle, still owned by the family of the Antonielli d'Oulx counts, is used as a private residence and a wonderful location used for the organization of unforgettable events.

Castello di Villar Dora

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Turin
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Castello di Villar Dora
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Castello di Villar Dora
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