Castello Federiciano

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The Federiciano Castle (or Castrum Petrae Roseti), is a fortified castle dating back to the Norman era and rebuilt in the thirteenth century by the will of Frederick II of Swabia. This ancient residence has now become the setting for receptions and events of all kinds, as well as home to a renowned restaurant where between antique furniture, impressive fireplaces and fine fabrics, are served dishes of international cuisine.

Castello Federiciano History

Most of the castles and fortresses between Puglia, Basilicata Calabria and Sicily have been united in the past by the same fate: the Norman origin and the advent of the Swabians and then of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen. The castle of Roseto di Capo Spilico is no exception. Arisen from the ashes of a monastery founded by San Vitale da Castronuovo, which in turn had replaced an ancient pagan temple dedicated to Venus, the Castrum Petrae Roseti already marks the border between the possessions of Roberto il Guiscardo and his brother Ruffero II in the eleventh century, father of Costanza d'Altavilla, heir of the Kingdom of Sicily and mother of the great Federico II.

Settled in the twelfth century from the latter to a military fortress, the castle stands on a rocky spur overlooking the sea and, like most of the ancient castles, is at the center of many more or less true narratives: tradition has it that it was of the Order of the Templars and that in the first decades of 1200 has kept the Holy Shroud.

Of a trapezoidal plan, the castle is surrounded by crenellated walls that on the south side open into an imposing entrance with gothic style portal where the crusader rose, the lily petals, the circle of Solomon and the coat of arms with griffin, symbol of the Svevo family; the structure has powerful towers, while inside the fortress there is a large courtyard with a central cistern, the remains of the stables and beautiful halls of representation furnished according to the medieval style.

It is in this atmosphere full of history and suggestions that the Castle restaurant is located, where among large rooms with exposed stone walls and pointed arches, you can enjoy a wide panoramic of international dishes, contemplating mostly recipes seafood based fresh seafood, while the wine list adapts to the dishes, offering national labels and a selection of the best foreign representatives.

The structure is also efficient at meetings and meetings, which is reserved for a sort of outdoor theater, as well as for wedding receptions and gala dinners on the terrace, where the magnificent natural scenery is accompanied by well-kept arrangements more minimal details.

Finally, the Federiciano Castle boasts a very suggestive bathing establishment considering the particular position of the manor. In addition, Roseto Capo Spulico is a very unique seaside resort because the beach is made up of large stone pebbles that make the sea water always limpid.

Castello Federiciano

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Cosenza
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Castello Federiciano
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Castello Federiciano
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