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The Deuringschlössle (also Deuringschlößle) is an old residence in the upper town of Bregenz.


At the end of the fourteenth or early fifteenth century, a three-storey manor was erected in the southwest corner of the Upper Town, at a distance from the city walls, by an unknown client. In 1539 it belonged to Hans von Wolfurt. In 1647 the house was damaged by the Swedes while taking Bregenz. It was bought by Johann Albert von Deuring in 1660 and the house was considerably enlarged until 1702, when the free area between the palace and the city walls was obstructed. The tower in the south-west corner of the city walls was enlarged, fitted with an onion cap and included in the construction. The 1698 was a cultivation on the south-east side and 1702 the new building of the "Torkels" to the east. The Deuring were wealthy timber merchants from Bregenz, who were raised in 1621 in the chivalric peer.

The Schlössle remained in the family's possession until 1801. At that time Freiherr Felix Thaddäus Rüpplein died from and to Keffikon. He was married to the heir of the Deuring family. The following owners were the governor and governor of the county Johann Jakob of Vicars and twenty years later k. k. Rentmeister Christoph Anton Kayser, who created Rentamtskanzlei here. After his death, the Swiss architect Johann Anton von Tscharner-Merhart inherited. In 1915, the interior was renovated in the style of historicism and in 1927 the upper floor of the former Torkel was converted into an artist's studio, the so-called Knight's Hall. From 1989 to 2015, the Deuringschlössle was used as a luxury hotel restaurant.

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Austria, Bregenz
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  Ehregutaplatz, 3 - 6900 Bregenz

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