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Dornbirn's Mohrenbrauerei is the oldest Vorarlberg brewery. The brewery produces numerous types of beer, as well as home-made wines and lemonades. Numerous finds from the Huber family collection can be discovered. on over 700 m² and four floors of the museum, immersing yourself in the world of beer in a complete experience

Mohrenbrauerei History

It is not possible to determine exactly in which year the first Mohren beer was produced, however it is a very old brewery, appearing in the tax register of 1808 and with documents that have recorded activities since at least 1742.

The origin of the current Mohren brewery lies in the "Zum Mohren" inn, which takes its name from the owner of the inn and Josef Mohr brewery. This was mentioned for the first time in 1784 as "Mohrenwirt". 50 years later, the ownership of the brewery passed to the ownership of the Huber family.

Franz Anton Huber, a merchant and blacksmith from Dornbirn-Markt, purchased the inn, including the estate and its brewery, from a brewery in Hohenems on May 1, 1834. The brewery has been family owned since that day.

In 1846 Franz Anton Huber sold the brewery to his son Johann Ulrich, but granted additional rights of use for himself and his younger son Karl Ferdinand. After his death in 1849, his father also left part of the brewery to him.

With the opening of the Lindau-Bludenz railway line, the state of Vorarlberg experienced another economic boom in 1872, which also benefited the Mohren brewery. Anna takes her son, the 20-year-old August Huber, to the direction.

Under the leadership of Anna and August Huber and emerging industrialization, the Mohren brewery can continue to grow and grow. Many developments are part of this third generation of managers of the Mohren brewery.
The Arlbergbahn was opened in 1884, tourist traffic and beer consumption grew hand in hand.

Now in its fifth generation, the brewery has a museum inside which you can trace its history in an interactive and multimedia journey. Numerous finds from the Mohren Huber family collection. On more than 700 m2 and four floors, to be explored independently or in a group, guided by the knowledge of qualified beer professionals.


Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Dornbirn
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