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It is the story of a small artisan workshop that has become a well-established company on the national and international scene, thanks to the authentic passion and continuous search for the quality of the Gentilini family. The use of the best, genuine and noble raw materials, ancient recipes, our special processing method and the respect of long production times are the secrets of our specialties with a unique and original taste. We have deliberately chosen to keep alive the traditions handed down for over a century, because we are convinced that this is the only way to guarantee the quality, flavors and aromas that distinguish us and that make our products special. Our wide and complete range satisfies even the most demanding palates and is perfect for any occasion: a pleasant breakfast, a delicious snack, an elegant and precious gift, an evening in good company.

Gentilini History

The founder is Pietro Gentilini. Born in Vergato in 1856, after having enriched his cultural and professional baggage employed by important companies, he moved to Rome, where in 1890 he opened his first laboratory for the production of bread and biscuits.

In those years a dry biscuit, of Anglo-Saxon origin, called Oswego was spreading in Italy. Pietro immediately sensed the potential and spent a lot of time studying an improved and personalized recipe. After numerous attempts he succeeded in creating a biscuit with a simple but at the same time unique flavor and, to differentiate it from the Oswego then on the market, he called it Osvego.

The success was not long in coming and in 1906 in Via Alessandria, in the nascent industrial zone of the Rome of the economic resurgence, the P. Gentilini Biscuits Factory was opened, subsequently transferred, due to the increased production needs, to the current headquarters of Via Tiburtina. 1958.

The art of preparing and offering, with the same passion as always, only products of exceptional quality. In fact, we take care of the realization of our biscuits and rusks through the use of ancient and precious recipes, the selection of excellent raw materials, the perfect harmony between doses and processing, all guaranteed by meticulous checks along the whole production chain.

The goodness of our products is primarily to be found in unique recipes, jealously guarded and handed down by the various generations, always the same since 1890 and dosed in a masterly manner.

The genuineness is guaranteed by the choice and use of natural, noble and carefully selected ingredients. In fact, we use only fresh eggs and milk, honey with spontaneous blooms, creamy butter, flour and sugar of the highest quality.

Despite the presence of cutting-edge machinery in our factory, the human factor remains dominant. It is unthinkable, in fact, to obtain a product of the same fragrance, taste and friability without the actual contribution of our workers. In the Novellini's production the bronze dies are still used today, together with expert hands, so that there is never one that is the same as the other.

Compliance with slow processing times is another essential component in production. Our rusks are made in full respect of the oldest craft processes. certificate2 More than 10 hours of processing is required to obtain such a good, thick and golden rusk.

The artisan tradition combines harmoniously with new technologies. From the raw material to the finished product, every activity is constantly subjected to rigorous controls that are the basis of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Quality System and which guarantee a very high quality standard.


Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Rome
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