Palais Angerer

Rooseveltplatz, 15 - 1090 Wien - Vienna   see map - Contact
The Palais Angerer is a 19th century building located at Rooseveltplatz 15 in the 9th district of Vienna, Alsergrund

Palais Angerer History

In the year 1876, the architect Emil von Förster built a neo-Renaissance residential building for Johann Angerer on Maximilianplatz, the current Rooseveltplatz. There was a brewery on the ground floor of the building until 1920. Georg Kremslehner turned the building into a hotel in 1907. In the basement, architect Cesar Poppovits created a cellar restaurant in 1913, which is now used as a dining room for banquets. During World War II, the house served as a military hospital and was confiscated by the Americans after the end of the war. After their departure, they were converted into a hotel. During the renovation of the main façade in 2017, it was blinded by an installation of an adapted copper engraving from 1877 that was over 600 square meters and could be seen for three months.

Palais Angerer

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Vienna
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Palais Angerer
  Rooseveltplatz, 15 - 1090 Wien

Palais Angerer
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