Café Frauenhuber

Himmelpfortgasse, 6 - 1010 Wien - Vienna   see map - Contact
Café Frauenhuber is a traditional café on Himmelpfortgasse 6 in the 1st district of Vienna (Innere Stadt). It is one of the oldest cafés in the city and is considered the oldest Viennese coffee shop still in service.

Café Frauenhuber History

A very popular coffee was the one founded by Alois Hänisch, who until 1824 was in the old Fleischmarkt ("meat market", a street in the 1st central Viennese district) where you could always have a good conversation. On 24 October 1824, the coffee moved to Himmelpfortgasse n. 965, in today's address, where it attracted attention with its distinctive character. Around 1827 he had two life-size figures painted on his doorposts by the history painter Erasmus Engerth, one presumably depicting the first Kolschitzky coffee maker.

The coffee had the reputation of being one of the most peaceful in the city, because it was assiduously frequented by military officers and retired public officials

In 1840 the coffee was acquired by a Kasimir, later, in 1849, by Anton Zagorz, who had it restructured by Johann Zizula. The coffee has changed its name a few times, for example. "Kaffeehaus Herzog", and since 1891 has its current name, "Café Frauenhuber". The building where the Café Frauenhuber is located today already existed in 1746, as evidenced by an engraving by Salomon Kleinerherder from this period (the original is in the Cafe Frauenhuber). It has been mentioned as a coffee shop since 1824 and completely renovated in 2000. It still continues to preserve the atmosphere of an old Viennese coffee shop in its typical way.

Café Frauenhuber

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Austria, Vienna
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Café Frauenhuber
  Himmelpfortgasse, 6 - 1010 Wien
  +43 1 51 25 353

Café Frauenhuber
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