Palazzo Leti

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Palazzo Leti, built in the first half of the fourteenth century, on the area once occupied by the Palazzo del Podestà, is a period residence restored to its former glory after careful restoration and transformed into a charming hotel. Located in the heart of the historic center of Spoleto, consists of 12 rooms furnished with fine furniture and precious fabrics, all unique in size and decor, recreating quiet and harmonious atmospheres where you can forget the troubles of everyday life.

Palazzo Leti History

Palazzo Leti is a period residence located in the historic center of Spoleto, near the Duomo of the Ponte delle Torri.

Its origin seems to date back to 1292, when the first medieval city wall was erected. Subsequently the Palace underwent various transformations and in the XV-XVI century took the current appearance of a noble building. In 1500 it became the property of the Leti family, of which it takes its name, but it became extinct in the early nineteenth century.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was transformed with the construction of the northern part and with the creation of the beautiful hanging garden on which were built the two façades of clear neoclassical workmanship. Today, this external space preserves all the characteristics of the "Italian style" garden, with marble fragments of various eras and architectural elements that draw and decorate the whole.

Many things have changed over time but at Palazzo Leti the atmospheres seem to have stopped at distant times and there is still the charm of an ancient noble villa. The Hotel has twelve rooms furnished with taste and elegance, where precious fabrics and organze of soft colors and pastel warm and soft colors stand out. Each of the rooms is unique for square footage, colors and decorations and all overlook the breathtaking view of Spoleto, the "Rocca Albornoziana" and "Monteluco", sacred mountain of the Spoletina valley ancient spiritual center of the hermits and still today oasis of peace immersed in the green.

At breakfast wait tasty homemade desserts, served with silver cutlery, linen tablecloths in flax and hand-painted porcelain, while leaving the building you can drink among the beauties of the garden restored according to the classic Italian style, walking among ancient marble fragments and making the valley view spread.

An ideal destination for families, couples, business trips and also to host small receptions and weddings with unique charm.

Palazzo Leti

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Perugia
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Palazzo Leti
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Palazzo Leti
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