Parco delle Bertone

Strada Colarina, Str. Bertone, - 46044 Goito - Mantova   see map - Contact
The Bertone park is a forest-garden that extends for about 7 hectares in the municipality of Goito in the province of Mantua, in the Upper Mantua area.

Parco delle Bertone History

The Bertone Park is a Garden Park, typical of the romantic period. There you can admire exotic and native trees that can be up to 150 years old. The wood, the suggestive views and the small lake create the right atmosphere for a pleasant walk in the green. A White Stork reintroduction center has been active in this park since 1994.

It is managed by the Parco del Mincio with the collaboration of the association Amici di Palazzo Te and Musei Mantovani. It also offers a bio refreshment point, the "Ginkgo garden bar" which takes its name from the majestic specimen of Ginkgo biloba present in the park, the highest in Italy.

In Bertone, the Parco del Mincio started a center for the reintroduction of the white stork in 1994. The housed specimens recall the wild ones which, during migration, stop. Many of them have built nests and it is common to see a large number of storks in the surrounding countryside. Also at Bertone the storks have built nests on the tops of the tallest trees and in Spring it is a wonderful sight to be able to witness their comings and goings for the construction of large nests first and for feeding the young ones later.

Three nineteenth-century buildings overlook the clearing, one of which, the Old Stables, is used as an audiovisual room and is perfect for hosting small conferences.
Bertone Park can be rented - in spring and summer - for birthday parties, weddings, gala dinners, concerts and shows.

Parco delle Bertone

Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Mantova
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Parco delle Bertone
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