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The Parco Giardino Sigurtà is one of the oldest and most picturesque parks in the world, located on the edge of the hills around the Mincio valley, a river from which it draws its water. The roots of its history date back to 1407 and covers 60 hectares of lush vegetation and colorful blooms, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Europe every year.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà History

A short walk from Lake Garda, in Valeggio sul Mincio, in the province of Verona, stands the Parco Giardino Sigurtà, one of the best known and most appreciated natural parks in the world, reaching important awards such as the "Most Beautiful Park in Italy 2013" and the "Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe 2015"

The ancient history of the Park has its origin from the "brolo cinto de muro" of the year 1417, an area where noble families and servants lived at the time, with spaces and facilities capable of satisfying the needs of these small communities as stables, stables, barns and family chapel. There were various families who succeeded in the possession of the property such as the Contarini, the Guarienti and the Maffei which will remain for over two centuries. One of the daughters of the Marquis Maffei marries Count Nuvoloni, bringing the park gardens as a dowry, then passing to the new owners after 200 years. It is during this period that the park welcomes its most illustrious guests: the emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and Napoleon III of France; the latter will also occupy the villa, at the time still connected to the park, during the summer of 1859.

In 1941, after further changes of ownership, the estate was purchased by the industrialist Giuseppe Carlo Sigurtà who, using an age-old right to take water from the river Mincio, a possibility forgotten by his predecessors, transformed the arid lands of the hills back to their original splendor and the lush vegetation. The Castelletto, the Hermitage and the Grotta Votiva were also restructured and under the direction of Giuseppe Carlo Sigurtà and then of the nephew Enzo the park was extended from the original 22 hectares to the current 60. In 1990 the Horizontal Meridiana was realized and in 2011 it was inaugurated the Labyrinth, a maze of hedges made from 1500 specimens of plants of Tasso that winds on 2500 square meters with a small tower in the center from where visitors can admire the path from a privileged point of view.

The park hosts innumerable naturalistic and historical attractions: from May to September the famous Viale delle Rose is colored with its 30,000 specimens, while in spring one million tulips represent the richest flowering in Southern Europe. Another corner of rare beauty is the Aquatic Gardens, where the multicolored Koi carp swim under the water lilies, evoking exotic suggestions and the paintings of the Monet family.

Among the immense green lawns of the park has been created a small area dedicated to medicinal plants, with a statue of a lion created by the sculptor Giuseppe Brigoni in the center, while the Castelletto, a structure commissioned by the Marquis Maffei, preserves the historical memories of the Sigurtà family : here are in fact remembered scientists and Nobel prizes who in the past have been guests of the park such as Alexander Fleming, Konrad Lorenz, or Albert Sabin.

Another corner full of charm is the Hermitage of Laura, a small temple in Gothic style built in 1792 where you can access the contemplation of a statue dedicated to the Madonna; One of the attractions favored by visitors is the Great Oak which, with its four centuries of life, the majestic trunk and the 120-meter conference foliage has become one of the symbols of the Park.

Since 2004, the Park has also started working on an educational project dedicated to age groups between 4 and 18 years, with routes that range from nature to the history of the territory to which the ancient farm has been reopened to the public in the 2009 where children and families can visit donkeys, goats, chickens and ducks.

The Park's exceptional setting lends itself to hosting events such as weddings or business meetings, thanks to the versatility of spaces and services: grand style ceremonies, as well as the most intimate ones, find the perfect setting on a par with business events. The Hermitage, the Castelletto, and the large turf with the addition of a tensostructure located near the Viale delle Rose that can accommodate up to 420 seats. Lovely views that can be accompanied by services such as catering, scenic and floral arrangements, planning and coordination of events, making every occasion perfect.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Italy, Verona
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Parco Giardino Sigurtà
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Parco Giardino Sigurtà
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