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Schloss Deutschkreutz is located in central Burgenland about five kilometers from the Hungarian border crossing Sopron. It is a splendid Renaissance castle consisting of a mighty four-winged building with two-story courtyard porticoes and corner towers. There are stuccos, the chapel of the castle with ancient frescoes, furniture and tapestries to be seen. The longtime owner Anton Lehmden (1929-2018) installed a painting exhibition in the castle.

Schloss Deutschkreutz History

Built in 1625, this magnificent Renaissance palace, listed as a "cultural asset under the Hague Convention" since 1971, was acquired by the artist Anton Lehmden in 1966 and restored by him until his death in 2018. Today it is presented in a new splendor.

The castle of Deutschkreutz, in central Burgenland, was built in 1625 by Count Paul Nadasdy in the style of the Italian Renaissance and is only 15 km from the Hungarian city of Sopron.

The castle complex is a typical combination for the border region, a combination of manor, fortress and courtyard. The four wings form a two-story complex around a rectangular porticoed courtyard and four low corner towers covered with tent roofs easily jump into a former moat.

Geographically so far from the Italian scene and compensated temporally - but still very stylistically and intellectually - the house may have surprised many visitors with its clear proportions and its particularly pure architecture.

In 1966, the artist Anton Lehmden bought the then desolate castle and since then, until his death in 2018, he has been busy repairing and renovating it.

Here he created not only the refuge of his artist, but also the more than 800 square meters of exhibition space of the Lehmden Museum, which offers an overview of his artistic work.

In the north-eastern tower is the castle chapel, which was renovated in 1981 and reopened. The pointed arches of the high windows are divided into four-leaf tunnels enriched with glass windows by Anton Lehmden.

Schloss Deutschkreutz

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Austria, Oberpullendorf
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