Schloss Kornberg

Dörfl, 2 - 8330 Kornberg bei Riegersburg - Feldbach   see map - Contact
The romantic Schloss Kornberg is quietly located in the middle of the wonderful landscape south of Graz. Already mentioned in documents from the 13th century, it was transformed into a noble residence during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Schloss Kornberg History

Kornberg Castle was first mentioned in documents in 1284. It originally did not serve as a residence but as a fortified complex of the Lords of Kornberg up to the Hungarian border.

In 1308 the lords of Kornberg sold the lordship and the castle for financial reasons to the lords of Walsee. In 1328 the Walseer gave Kornberg as Afterlehen to the Lords von Graben. Kornberg later came into their possession as Allod and served as the administrative seat of the Styrian branch of the family. After the death of Andrä von Graben in 1556 and the extinction of this line, the castle fell after many years of inheritance disputes to the children of Andrä's sister Anna von Graben, the Lords and Counts von Stadl zu Kornberg as Fideicommiss. Their children owned the castle until 1825. They later sold it to the House of Liechtenstein and in 1871 the family of Charles Francois Bardeau became the new owners.

Today the owner of the château, Andreas Bardeau, personally guides you through the richly furnished halls of his chateau and the many mementos of the Bardeau's vast family history.

The castle is also a location for weddings and events with a unique charm, immersed in an atmosphere steeped in history, organized with care and expertise thanks to the great experience in this sector.

Schloss Kornberg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Feldbach
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Schloss Kornberg
  Dörfl, 2 - 8330 Kornberg bei Riegersburg
  +43 664 5124224

Schloss Kornberg
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