Schloss Freiberg

Ludersdorf, 30 - 8200 Gleisdorf - Weiz   see map - Contact
Schloss Freiberg is a 12th century castle in the village of Ludersdorf-Wilfersdorf, Styria, Austria. The complex is open to the public and is used as a showroom for works by local artists and other events.

Schloss Freiberg History

The castle was built by the "Freynbergers" and mentioned for the first time in documents in 1472. In 1636 it came into the possession of Count Ott Gottfried von Kollonitsch, a member of a noble Croatian family, who had it expanded to the Renaissance castle. Subsequently, only small structural changes occurred, such as the main chapel and sunrise in 1747, the banquet hall in the Rococo.

After the extinction of the Kollonitsch branch in 1874, the owners succeeded each other rapidly. During the war and the post-war period of World War II, the castle was in a state that justified the closure of the building. It was purchased by Fischer, who carried out major renovations. His sudden death freed Freiberg an uncertain fate again.

In 1973, Erich Mohringer and Walter Haibel acquired the dilapidated castle of Styria and the son of Fischer. In decades of initiative, they renovated the rooms and renovated the rooms, giving new life to the castle.

An inn (Walter Haibel) was set up on the ground floor. becoming, above all, between the 70s, 80s and 90s, an important cultural meeting place.

The castle is a historic building, it is open to the public and is also used as a showroom for works by local artists and other events.

Schloss Freiberg

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Weiz
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Schloss Freiberg
  Ludersdorf, 30 - 8200 Gleisdorf

Schloss Freiberg
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Schloss Freiberg
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