Schloss Poppendorf

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Poppendorf Castle is located in Poppendorf, in the municipality of Gnas, in the Südoststeiermark district in south-eastern Styria in Austria.

Schloss Poppendorf History

The castle is situated on a small hill at an altitude of about 300m above the Poppendorfer valley. The beginnings of the castle, which was modified several times, date back to a castle in the 13th century. It takes its name from a certain Leutold von Poppendorf, a feudal lord of the Lords of Wildon. With Ulrich von Poppendorf the last of his family died in 1386, who were related to the Fields of the Princes and the Pressnitzers. Poppendorf later received the princely status. The rule often changed hands in the following period.

In 1420 Ulrich Pesnitzer purchased the castle, which in 1468 still belonged to the eponymous nephew.

Gradually, its owners expanded the "Haus zu Poppendorf" into a castle. In 1605 it was severely damaged during the Hungarian invasions.

In 1667, Ferdinand von Offenheim began to completely rebuild the castle, which was completed by Georg Mersperg in 1676 and extended in 1720 with an independent chapel. After several changes of ownership, Poppendorf Castle fell into disrepair in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries until it was renovated and restored in 1926, before it completely fell into disrepair. From 1950, the estate was divided into lots and the land sold. Today the Poppendorf Palace houses a restaurant and is a venue for exhibitions and events. The painters' retreats were held here several times, organized by Josef Fink with the Kulturzentrum bei der Minoriten in Graz. It is privately owned and is available for events.

Schloss Poppendorf

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Feldbach
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Schloss Poppendorf
  Poppendorf, 1 - 8342 Gnas
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Schloss Poppendorf
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