Schloss Stubenberg

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Stubenberg Castle is a castle in Stubenberg am See in Styria.

Schloss Stubenberg History

The 13th century castle complex, expanded into a castle on the foundations of the Meierhof of the old castle in the 16th century, takes its name from one of the oldest and most important noble families in Styria, the Lords of Stubenberg.

Until the 17th century they provided five governors and when threatened from the east they had to rally more horses and fusiliers than the Archbishop of Salzburg.

As the Counts of Stubenberg turned to Protestant doctrine in the 16th century and Georg Sigmund emigrated to Bavaria with most of the family fortune, the family lost its influence.

From 1925 to 1979 the convent of St. Joseph of the Franciscan Sisters was set up in the castle of Stubenberg. In 1980 it came into the private possession of the Margaritha family and Dr. Frank Schleicher and since 1981 the romantic arcaded courtyard and gallery hall are available for cultural events.

The recently restored Stubenberg Castle welcomes you to the hilly landscape of Eastern Styria. It is now a gallery, an arcade theater, a concert hall and a hostel at the same time.

Schloss Stubenberg

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Hartberg
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Schloss Stubenberg
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Schloss Stubenberg
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