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An exclusive hotel, a classy refuge with an exclusive atmosphere just minutes from Salzburg: this is the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, a historic building with rooms and suites immersed in an idyllic setting with views of the mountains and the picturesque lake.

Schloss Leopoldskron History

With 55 rooms in the Meierhof, 12 suites in the historic building and two townhouses, Schloss Leopoldskron is an exclusive and discreet retreat just minutes from the historic center of Salzburg.

Built in 1736 and surrounded by 17 hectares of well-kept gardens, Schloss Leopoldskron is nestled in a small idyllic lake and offers majestic views of the mountains and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Schloss Leopoldskron was commissioned as family property in 1736 by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Leopold Anton Freiherr von Firmian (1679-1744). The Scottish Benedictine monk, Bernhard Stuart, is considered the master builder of Leopoldskron. Furthermore, the stuccoes by Johann Kleber on the ceilings of the whole Schloss are described as "the best example of Rococo stucco that the earth can offer".

Leopold Firmian was a great lover of science and the arts, but he is remembered above all for his role in the expulsion of over 22,000 Protestants from the Archbishopric of Salzburg. Leopold's harsh actions were noted throughout Europe and the economy of Salzburg and the reputation of the Firmian family suffered severely. The commission of Schloss Leopoldskron was, in part, an attempt by the Archbishop to save the social position of his family.

A special law made the property a private property of the family. In May 1744, Leopold donated the complete Schloss to his nephew, Count Laktanz Firmian. After his death, later that year, the body of the Archbishopric was buried in the cathedral of Salzburg, but his heart remains below the Chapel in the Schloss, which, as it is written on the floor of the chapel, "loved so much ".

Conte Laktanz, an art collector and artist himself, enriched Schloss Leopoldskron with the largest collection of paintings that Salzburg had ever known, including works by artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Dürer and Titian. The count was one of the first sponsors of Leopold Mozart and his son, Wolfgang Amadeus.

When Laktanz died in 1786, his son started selling the famous paintings and Leopoldskron had a period of decline. In 1837, when it was sold to George Zierer, owner of a local shooting gallery, the collections were dismantled and most of the remaining valuable paintings, engravings and sculptures were removed. During the 19th century the Schloss passed through various hands, including the Bavarian king Ludwig I and Carl Spängler, a well-known banker and two waiters who tried to turn it into a hotel.

Today, Schloss Leopoldskron hosts the Salzburg Global Seminar and the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron.

Even today, the Schloss is not a museum; instead all the rooms are "alive" and used daily, offering guests a unique experience together with the surrounding Schloss Park.

To maintain this beautiful property requires continuous care and periodic restoration. In 2012 an eleven-year restoration of the Schloss park was completed, home to dozens of statues and the site of Max Reinhardt's lost garden theater. The Schloss Park is open exclusively to guests of the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron throughout the year.

Since 2013, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, based in the United States, has sponsored a multi-year project to catalog the large art collection exhibited and preserved at the Schloss. The project aims to give priority to the future restoration of historical paintings, furniture and architecture and to training staff in the most effective conservation methods.

At the beginning of 2014, the Meierhof underwent a substantial two-month renovation. The new design incorporates elements of the 18th century Schloss, such as the headboards made from historic shutters, establishing a connective thread that now runs through the entire property. The corridors are decorated with photography of Max Reinhardt's Salzburg Festival productions. In addition, three thematic rooms have been created, which refer to the role of Meierhof in the 1964 film "The Sound of Music". The renovated Meierhof Café reflects on the history of the Salzburg Global Seminar, showing historical images from 1947 until today , while the bright and friendly reception allows for greater personal contact between the staff and guests. Last but not least, the services have been developed and attention has been focused on the guests' experience.

At the end of February 2014 the property reopened with its new name, Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron. Guests from all over the world appreciate the unique atmosphere of the Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, including Karl Lagerfeld, who turned the Schloss into a giant runway for his 2014 CHANEL Métiers d'Art fashion show.

Since Schloss Leopoldskron is a private property, it is exclusively accessible to hotel guests, events and conferences. However, on selected dates, non-hotel guests can also visit the Schloss: an annual "Open House" takes place in November, allowing the local community to explore the property. From 2014, guests can also attend "Shakespeare in the Park" shows during the summer, where they follow the actors of the Salzburg State Theater through the park. The annual New Year's Eve at Schloss Leopoldskron, a tradition in itself, offers all guests a unique opportunity to celebrate the new year in style.

Renovated, leaving the historical and exclusive atmosphere unchanged, Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron offers boutique rooms furnished with high quality bathrooms, custom-made furniture and fascinating details await our guests.

The single and double rooms are located exclusively in the Meierhof building next to the Schloss. The Meierhof has 55 rooms in six categories: five standard single rooms, five classic double rooms, 31 standard double rooms, six superior double rooms, three Sound of Music double rooms and five premium double rooms. In addition, two long-stay townhouses are available for up to five people.

The unique location of Schloss Leopoldskron with its unparalleled views of the lake and the Untersberg mountain makes the Schloss one of Salzburg's most sought-after venues.

At the beginning of 2018, the 12 historic suites of the Schloss have been completely renovated, ensuring the maintenance of the unique atmosphere.

Schloss Leopoldskron

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