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The Schloss Roith, also called Freisitz Roith, was probably built around 1596.. It is located in the town of Gmunden, Traunsteinstraße 87, in the district of Gmunden, in Upper Austria. An ancient name of the small castle was Sardagna, which took its name from 1914 to 1942 as the owner of Captain Freiherr Geza of Sardagna.

Schloss Roith History

The "in der Reuth" estate was owned by the Polheimers in the 16th century and in 1587 owned by Hans Paumgartner. In 1597 Roith von Freiherr Friedrich von Pollheim to Siegmund Jäger and his wife Margaretha. So Roith came from the Guardian of Hallstatt. Of these, it was given on the Kaufweg or as a body set on Georg Albert Plass von Mühlleiten. After Plaß, the Seeauer, who in the meantime had risen to the rank of count, again became the owner of Roith.

1719 sold Count Josef Ehrenreich von Seeau, parish priest of Gmunden, to the citizen of Gmundner Johann Adam Aigner. Through his daughter Roith arrived by marriage with the official of the imperial tribute Johann Paul Lichtenauer. After his death, the widow sold the estate in 1753 to Captain Jakob von Holzofen, who in turn sold it to Franz Xaver Gangl in 1770. Since he died without heirs, Roith was auctioned publicly and therefore arrived to the citizens of Gmundner Johann Nepomuk. Horns was raised to par in 1814 and was called "Edler von Roith". His heirs sold Roith in 1843 to the Viennese notary Gustav Faber, whose wife was a great-granddaughter of Horn. Since 1914 Freiherr Geza von Sardagna was the owner. During the period of World War II, a youth hostel was created in the castle and the castle park was used as a nursery.

Since 1968 the owners were Franz and Rosi Prechtl, who turned Roith into a castle. The hotel then joined the Asamer group, where a renovation was carried out in 2008, but the hotel was detached from the company in 2013 and was taken over by Hans Asamer. In 2015 the hotel was closed and sold in 2016 to an Innviertler Agrar-Handelshaus.

Schloss Roith

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Gmunden
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Schloss Roith
  Traunsteinstraße, 87 - 4810 Gmunden
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Schloss Roith
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