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La Venchi is an Italian food company, specialized in the production and sale of chocolate. His story begins back in 1800. Silviano Venchi, Piedmontese doc, is an ambitious and creative young man with a great passion for chocolate. He has the good fortune to be born and grow in Turin, the cradle city of the Gianduja and of many master chocolatiers.

Venchi History

Silviano Venchi starts the activity of a cake shop at the age of 16. At the age of 20, he invests his savings to buy two bronze cauldrons and thus begin the culinary experimentation in his apartment.
In 1878 he opened his own workshop in via degli Artisti in Turin. At the beginning of the twentieth century it stands out above all for the "Nougatine", bon-bon made with chopped and caramelized hazelnuts, covered with extra dark chocolate. The laboratory extends to 300 square meters.
It is 1900: the company grows rapidly and for the laboratory leases an area of ​​3000 m². The Venchi products are becoming known as "... the most elegant pralines in Piedmont ..." and the company is named "Fornitore della Real Casa", thus inserting the royal emblem on the packaging.
1960: Venchi, Unica and Talmone merge into one company: the Talmone-Venchi-Unica. The latter becomes one of the largest companies in Italy until the dissolution of the company that leads Venchi to be a small local reality. 2000: a group of private investors acquires another historic Piedmontese chocolate factory, Cuba (Cussino, Biscotti and Affini), founded in 1949 by Pietro Cussino and known among other things for the production of "Rum Cuneesi" (pralines) stuffed with rum cream poured into a dark chocolate shell), and changes its name to Cuba Venchi.
From January 2003 the company name is re-transformed from Cuba Venchi into Venchi. The new company has been completely reorganized with the addition of new products, the adoption of a different distribution strategy and the investment in new machinery and infrastructures, which include a 3000 m² factory in Robilante and 12000 m² in Castelletto Stura .
2006: Venchi acquires Camelot srl acquiring the know-how for an innovative ice cream production system; this is how Venchi Gelato was born. 2006: Venchi launches its new world retail format: Cioccogelateria, a mono-brand store of homemade ice-cream and chocolate.
The Venchi office is located in Castelletto Stura (CN) and employs over 100 people. The Venchi product range is as "universal" as possible. The company specializes in dark chocolate and Gianduja. Venchi produces over 350 different references for all tastes and all types. All the production, starting from autumn 2009, is totally gluten-free; No hydrogenated vegetable fats, additives, artificial flavors, chemical sweeteners are used. In 2010 Venchi had a turnover of 33 million euro, an increase of 25.3% p.a. over the past 12 years and with a staff of 170 resources The export sector covers, through exclusive distributors, most of Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia and Arab countries.
Venchi directly manages several single-brand stores in the main airports, stations and historic centers of major Italian cities.


Time period
  • 1800s
  • Italy, Cuneo
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