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The abbey of Morimondo is a Cistercian abbey located a few kilometers from Milan, in the locality of Morimondo, on the border with the territory of Pavia.

Abbazia di Morimondo History

The abbey of Morimondo was founded in 1134 by monks from the mother house of Morimond in France and was the first Cistercian abbey built in Lombardy. In the early years the community had a progressive expansion in the number of vocations, so much so that two abbeys were soon founded: at Acquafredda near Como in 1153 and at Casalvolone near Novara in 1169.

The construction of the church began in 1182, delayed with respect to the construction of the monastery due to disputes with the parish of Casorate, and ended in 1296. In 1237 and 1245 for the incursions of the imperial Pavese troops, who sacked the monastery reducing it to the minimum terms, the construction works had to undergo long interruptions probably of some years. In 1314 it was sacked while in 1450, as well as all the abbeys, under the cardinal Giovanni Visconti, it was transformed into commenda. the most distinguished commendatory abbots must be remembered by Cardinal Giovanni de 'Medici (future The suppression, which took place on 31 May 1798 in the wake of the French Revolution, put an end to the presence of the Cistercian monks and caused the total dispersion of the codicological heritage. 1499, taking to heart the reform of the spiritual life of Morimondo sent eight monks from the Cistercian abbey of Settimo Fiorentino to revitalize the monastic life.

The suppression, which took place on 31 May 1798 in the wake of the French Revolution, put an end to the presence of the Cistercian monks and caused the total dispersion of the rich codicological heritage. From 1805 to 1950 religious life was animated by Ambrosian priests. In 1941 the archbishop of Milan, the blessed cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, on a pastoral visit to the abbey, having ascertained the state of abandonment, wanted to bring religious life back to the cenoby.

In 1991 Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini entrusted the pastoral care of the parish to the Congregation of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with a new invitation to relaunch the abbey of Morimondo as a center of spirituality and pastoral initiatives, followed by the constitution, in 1993 Abbazia Sancte Marie de Morimundo Foundation, followed by a re-launch of the abbey's spiritual and cultural heritage.

Particularity of the abbey is its development on four floors, exploiting a terracing obtained from the ground. The entire structure, which has remained almost unchanged, includes the church, the cloister, the chapter house, the monks' cells, the refectory and the scriptorium.

The guided tour will lead to the discovery of the entire abbey complex, winding between the inside of the church, where you can admire 15th and 16th century frescoes, liturgical furnishings such as the XIV century stoup and above all the magnificent inlaid 16th century wooden choir. the cloister and the rooms used for monastic life.

An opportunity to discover the origins of Gothic architecture and immerse yourself in the daily life of those who were the inhabitants and keepers of this beautiful complex, where art and religion are perfectly combined.

Abbazia di Morimondo

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Milan
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Abbazia di Morimondo
  Piazza Municipio, 6 - 20081 Morimondo
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Abbazia di Morimondo
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