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Palazzo Viviani is located in a medieval village nestled on a hill on the border between Romagna and Marche. This impressive architectural complex as well as a privileged location for events and ceremonies, it also offers luxury accommodation, with solutions suitable for every need, with dependance suites and classic rooms.

Castello di Montegridolfo - Palazzo Viviani History

Montegridolfo is one of the most beautiful, elegant and best preserved castles in the province of Rimini. The landscape is enchanting, made up of delicate hills that run towards the plain. The country with its beautiful and elegant structure, its historic buildings and restored with meticulous care, have made Montegridolfo one of the most renowned tourist centers of the Romagna hinterland.

The origin of Montegridolfo, still today, is not very clear to those who study the ancient. What is certain is that the former name of this beautiful village was "Monte Lauro", which probably comes from the large amount of laurel that grew luxuriant in the nearby hills. The name "Montegridolfo", however, dates back to the 13th century. and derives from the name of the Gridolfi family that settled for a certain period of time in this wonderful area. The castle, in all probability, was built during the Middle Ages, when numerous centers were built to act as strongholds to dominate the whole valley.

Montegridolfo, in 1233, allied with Rimini in the conflict against Urbino. In 1288 "Monte Lauro" was devastated, burned and robbed by the municipalities of Saludecio and Mondaino. The relationship with Rimini was consolidated when the Malatesta family came to power, thanks to which the powerful castle was enlarged and maintained. Around 1337, Malatesta Guastafamiglia erected new walls enriching them with 4 large towers that defended the town. But the geographical position of Montegridolfo, is a reason for strong struggles, devastation and continuous changes in power; until in 1509 it passed definitively to the State of the Church. The meticulous and splendid restoration has made Montegridolfo one of the best preserved villages. The deep color of the bricks contrasts with the green color of the nearby hills. It seems as if everything that surrounds the village is waiting to be lived and discovered in another time and in a new space. The Malatesta Castle, now the Town Hall, has completely preserved its original appearance. You can not miss the elegant arched door, the ramp of the castle and the gothic hall of the "Blue Grotto". The charm of the past does not stop in front of the fortress but livens up the silent streets, churches and palaces. In the central part of Montegridolfo there is the ancient chapel of the castle, the church of San Rocco, inside which two frescoes have been preserved that depict the Madonna with Child and Saints.

If it were not for a group of local entrepreneurs inspired by love for their land, today Montegridolfo certainly would not have the current appearance: it took six years and a complex restoration work, completed in June 1994, to make it back so, simply perfect. A castle, that of Montegridolfo, in the Latin sense of the word, that is of castrum, fortress, because this was its function in origin. Its location on the border between Romagna and Marche, as well as between the possessions of the Malatesta families of Rimini and the Montefeltro, lords of Urbino, immediately made it a strategic node at the center of numerous disputes, until, in the sixteenth century, with the the final defeat of the family from Rimini, peace returned to reign in the valley of the Conca.

Today, those wishing to stay in these ancient walls are spoiled for choice: in addition to the suites of Palazzo Viviani, there are the Painter's house, which includes several rooms, and seven apartments located in the most beautiful corners of the village. The furnishing elements, mostly original or antique, and the finishing touches of all the housing solutions are of great value and elegance: frescoes, paintings, rugs, linen and bedspreads in precious fabric, terracotta floors, wooden beams and exposed stone enrich the environments of atmospheres and remote suggestions. Elegance and style can be found in the three restaurants of the village: the Osteria dell'Accademia, the Ristoro di palazzo Viviani, housed in the cellars of the building, and the Ritrovo del Vecchio Forno, a more informal place, offering the possibility to dine al 'open.

Castello di Montegridolfo - Palazzo Viviani

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Castello di Montegridolfo - Palazzo Viviani
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Castello di Montegridolfo - Palazzo Viviani
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