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Founded in 1933, the current headquarters is located on the canal harbor and was born on the remains of a fort partially destroyed by the wartime events. Subject to various restoration interventions in past years, the headquarters is open to the city interacting with the institutions and has become a landmark of the city.

Club Nautico Rimini History

The history of the Club began way back in 1933, when the founding partner Gaspare Stacchini gave the then "Società Nautica Rimini" a cutter of m. 6.50 for the sailing school in the port of Ausa, to culminate in the project for the construction of the large dock, which will facilitate the promotional work among young people, always undertaken by the management of the Club.

The activity of the CLU began essentially based on the regattas for drift boats and constituted a center of attraction in the Adriatic, a point of reference opposed to the Adriatic regattas in Trieste. The Olympic Joles, the national-Olympic dinghies, the dinghies 12, intertwined a multitude of relationships that slowly brought the colors of the Nautical Club to the most important events of the national sailing up to participate in the regattas organized by the Italian Yacht Club of Genoa and the Clubs of the Neapolitan gulf.

In the following years the local borders are now outdated and the Rimini athletes are present in the national activity, at the same time the activity directed to the organization of the events develops and in a short time the Rimini Nautical Club is chosen as the first venue of the European Championships and subsequently of the World Championships of sailing Olympic classes. These events constituted the definitive test of the organizational efficiency of the Club.

This brings us to the early sixties which mark the birth of the first sailing courses in Olimpia and the Sailing School and more recently in 2005 The Sailing school of the Nautical Club became part of the 8 Luna Rossa schools.

The current headquarters of the Rimini Nautical Club is located on the canal harbor and was born on the ashes of a fort partially destroyed by the wartime events.

Subject to various refurbishment works, the headquarters in 2008 underwent an important restructuring project to adapt it to new social needs, which required a structure more open to the city and institutions, thus becoming a city reference point.

Club Nautico Rimini

Time period
  • 1900s
  • Italy, Rimini
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Club Nautico Rimini
  Piazzale Boscovich, 12 - 47921 Rimini
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Club Nautico Rimini
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