Castello di Monteu Roero

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The castle of Monteu Roero, located in a dominant position in the homonymous municipality in the province of Cuneo, is an ancient medieval manor, restored to its former glory by careful restoration works and open to the public as a museum.

Castello di Monteu Roero History

Monteu Roero Castle was formerly called Monte Acuto - from the Latin Mons Acutus - because of its strategic position. Positioned high, on top of a steep hill, Monte Acuto, in addition to ensuring a splendid view of the Roero, the territory in which it is inserted, guaranteed strategic supremacy, the security of the fortress and its inhabitants. Reason why there are many names of emperors and queens who have exploited the beauty and protection of that unparalleled position.

The year that can be made to coincide with the birth of the history of the Castle is 1041, the year in which Henry III granted "Monte Acuto" to the bishop of Asti. It is therefore with this transfer that the beginning is signed, because even if the actual construction will take place only a century later, the gears start to turn, fate prepares itself and history is written. It will be the Bishop of Asti to grant the land to Guido Biandrate, the builder of the Castle. The possession is then officially recognized with a certificate in 1152 d. According to ancient chronicles, in the winter of 1158 the emperor Federico Barbarossa wintered there.

The Biandrate family owned the Castle of Monte Acuto for three centuries, until in 1299 they sold it to the Roero family and under the dominion of this family, the Castle was restored leaving behind some construction details of the time of incredible value and beauty. .

The Castle was partially rebuilt between 1570-1575 and it is precisely in that form that has come to us today. Of particular note are the two halls frescoed between the late 1500s and 1600s, depicting the Myth of Daedalus and Icarus, the Myth of Phaeton, the Myth of the Hours and the Allegories of Day and Night. The library, a pearl of culture, contains books on medicine, literature and philosophy dating back to the 16th century.

A castle where history and legends intertwine over the centuries, which in 2012 prompted the Berta family to buy the property and use it as a museum. The rooms, returned to their original splendor, thus opened to the public, revealing wonderful pieces of history. The Berta family then decided to dedicate a collection of products, as tradition has it, to the newcomer. One way to include it in the Grappa family. So "Il Monte Acuto" is born a grappa of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Arneis aged in small barrels; "Il Mito delle Ore" the grape distillate and "La Favola Mia" the absinthe with magical notes.

Castello di Monteu Roero

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Cuneo
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Castello di Monteu Roero
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Castello di Monteu Roero
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