Castello di Muggia

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The Muggia castle is a severe rectangular building, in squared sandstone blocks, an integral part of the "walled city", which the patriarch of Aquileia built in the fourteenth century to defend and dominate the restless town of Muggia.

Castello di Muggia History

The imposing construction dates back to 1374 when, to put an end to internal disputes between the partriarchine and Venetian factions, Patriarch Marquardo di Randek sent Muggia Federico di Savorgnan, who occupied the town, began the construction of the manor, which is linked to the history of Muggia, faithful to Venice in the struggles with the Patriarchate of Aquileia with Massimiliano I and Trieste.
In 1413 the troops of King Sigismund of Hungary, called by the Patriarch Antonio Da Ponte, occupied Muggia, carrying large ruins. In 1511 the Captain of Trieste together with the Frangipani, Commander of the troops of the Archduke Maximilian I, with a powerful army moved in vain to the assault of Muggia.
The castle remained a military defense until the eighteenth century, then abandoned to himself until 1900 when it was bought by dr. Giacomo Derossi, who expanded the internal part into a private house.
Thanks to the love and care of the current owners of the castle, the sculptor Villi Bossi and his wife Gabriella, the castle has been restored to its ancient charm and splendor after a careful and scrupulous renovation, becoming an important center of art, music and poetry , hosting events, meetings and cultural events within its walls.

Castello di Muggia

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Trieste
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Castello di Muggia
  Calle dei Lauri, 7 - 34015 Muggia
  +39 040 272772

Castello di Muggia
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