Drogheria Toso

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The Drogheria Toso was opened by its founder Vittorio Toso in 1906. Since then it offers oxides for decorators, soaps, spices and marine sponges, trunks, boxes, glass jars and jute bags. mo in an old grocery store, which as a time machine will take us back into the past!

Drogheria Toso History

The old grocery store Toso is like a time machine will bring back the visitor in the past. A large wooden drawer full of talcum. Glass jars filled with pine drops, diavolins and menthol boli. And then soaps, sponges, carpet beaters and swatter pallets hanging from the ceiling. Entering the Toso grocery store is like starting a treasure hunt. To enter, in that resale remained intact since 1906, every time is a discovery: the look is still kidnapped by a new object, a strange product, curious, often disappeared from other stores decades. And the aromas leave no peace: a wave of cloves, lemongrass, curry and then a persistent good smell of freshly washed laundry, that typical scent of Marseille that evokes the clean, the freshness, the clothes hanging in the sun.

The original furniture that dates back to the era of opening is one of its peculiarities: the fixtures, the shelves, the drawers, the floor and the stairs have not changed for over a century.The wooden plank, the stairs, the scale - we are still able to remember the old shops that we so often read in the literature of the past century.

Its owners Nadia and Mauro Kosmina do not hesitate to tell of their love for this store and for the way of doing business that it requires. Even today, in the grocery store Toso you can buy the goods at retail, the oxides for the colors are put in paper bags, the brushes are kept in wooden boxes.

Drogheria Toso

Time period
  • 1900s
  • Italy, Trieste
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Drogheria Toso
  Piazza San Giovanni, 6 - 34122 Trieste
  +39 040 636288

Drogheria Toso
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