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For more than a century, the Adriaco Yacht Club has been a reference point for regattas in Italy. Founded in 1903, when Trieste belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the oldest yacht club in the Adriatic.

Yacht Club Adriaco History

In the early months of 1903, a group of yachtsmen of the "Society of Regattas", driven by the desire to encourage seafaring life and the sport of sailing, decided to set up a sailing company called the Adriaco Yacht Club. Driven by a strong irredentist spirit, the first members choose green and red as social colors which, waving on the social guiding, in the midst of the white of the sails, reproduced the beloved Italian tricolor which, at that time was looked after by the watchful Austrian gendarmerie .
On June 25, 1905, the first real headquarters was inaugurated: it is a "pielego" (suitably modified work boat) which is moored under a bora wind at the root of the Sartorio pier.

In January 1912, the second floating seat was inaugurated, also moored near the Sartorio pier. In 1923 the state property leases the "red house".

On November 4, 1925, the third seat of the Club was inaugurated. It consisted of a large main room which was once the seat of the Health of the Port of Trieste at the time of Maria Teresa and then for many decades Station of the Pilots; to this historic building (called the "red house") was added in 1924, with substantial financial effort by the members, a rectangular body in which the kitchen, warehouse, secretariat, bar, custodian's room and locker rooms.

In the interval between the two wars he played the role of mother house for the promotion of the sport of sailing in the Adriatic. The social news of "sailing and motor" was then proposed again by two members transferred to Milan as the nautical magazine "Vela e Motore", still on newsstands, and of which the Club keeps all editions in its library.

During the winter of 2004 and spring 2005 the works for the last expansion are carried out, with the construction of an upper floor intended mainly for sporting activities, with gym, teaching room and canteen for students of the sailing school.
In recent decades the Adriaco Yacht Club has contributed, together with the new clubs, to making the Gulf of Trieste one of the most important sailing centers in the Mediterranean.

The Adriaco Yacht Club can thus boast of the qualification of the oldest sailing company in the Adriatic and is honored with numerous Olympic participations, three Olympic medals, various gold medals for athletic value, numerous victories in national, European and world championships and of the coveted recognition of the "Golden Star of Sports Merit" followed in 2009 by the prestigious "Golden Collar of Sports Merit".

Yacht Club Adriaco

Time period
  • 1900s
  • Italy, Trieste
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