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The historic residence is located in Crauglio di San Vito al Torre, in the heart of the Friuli plain. The Steffaneo family donated the land belonging to the patriarchate of Aquileia in the area of Crauglio, from the House of Austria for some services that Nicolò I loaned to the archducal in the fortress of Gradisca during the war with Venice, in 1615. Today it is a private residence that being particularly rich in works of art opens its doors to the public for guided tours.

Borgo Palazzo Steffaneo History

The Steffaneo family has always been linked to the House of Austria. For this reason, when the war between Austria and Venice broke out in 1615, Nicolo I Steffaneo, took refuge in the fortress of Gradisca and helped the Austrian troops. The Archducalians, grateful for the work of provisioning the troops, donated to the Steffaneo family the building area of ​​Crauglio, owned by the patriarchate of Aquileia and naturally gave it the title of Baroni. In 1640 began the construction of the Palace, even if the date is not certified, according to the dictates of Andrea Palladio, enriched by stuccos in marble and frescoes attributed to Francesco Chiarottini of the school of Gian Battista Tiepolo; frescoes by Chiarottini (student of Tiepolo), paintings by G. Pollencig, refined stuccos in marble and floors in Venetian terrazzo enrich the rooms, such as the chapel, the ballroom and the alcove or "the married room" are the most important of the building and their artistic content gives these environments a tone of particular royalty.

Unlike other Venetian Villas, Palazzo Steffaneo has the central body that majestically dominates the street and encloses within it the beautiful Italian garden, rich in plants and elements in Istrian stone. During the First World War it was used as a military hospital and accommodation for soldiers of the 3rd Army commanded by Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. Gabriele d'Annunzio stayed there for long periods. It is considered one of the most beautiful Venetian villas located in the Friuli plain and included in the Castelli Aperti circuit.

Guests in "Borgo Palazzo Steffaneo" can choose and decide to stay in different types of environments but all particularly authentic and evocative such as "La Suite", the most important bedroom of the Palace, embellished with paintings by G.Pollencig depicting Napoleonic battles (to which GB Steffaneo III took part), fine antique furniture and rich decorations unique in their kind, making it the perfect setting for a romantic stay or ideal backdrop for unforgettable recurrences. The other suite, formerly the room of the sons of the barons, is spacious and bright, embellished with refined pink stucco on the walls and ceiling.

Other suggestive accommodations are the rustic buildings of the "Borgo della fornace di Palazzo Steffaneo" where beautifully restored rooms welcome guests in rooms rich in history and tradition, including stone and brick arches.

Borgo Palazzo Steffaneo

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Udine
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Borgo Palazzo Steffaneo
  Via Venezia, 1 - 33050 San Vito al Torre
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Borgo Palazzo Steffaneo
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