Abbazia di Rosazzo

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The Abbey of Rosazzo is located on the eastern hills of Friuli, in a quiet location about twenty kilometers from Udine and about ten from the border with Slovenia. It has 3 single and 11 double rooms all equipped with internal services.

Abbazia di Rosazzo History

The Abbey of Rosazzo from the top of the hill on which it is built dominates a large stretch of eastern Friuli, between the Judrio and Natisone rivers. The name of the Abbey derives from the characteristic wild roses of the area that grow abundant: starting from 1161 it was in fact called Monasterium Rosarum.

Its origins are however uncertain and shrouded in mystery, but tradition has it that in the ninth century the hermit Alemanno settled on the hill erigendovi a modest oratory and a cell that over time attracted more and more faithful. The cells thus multiplied and the small oratory became a real monastery entrusted to the Augustinian canons. Around the year 1000 the Augustinians took over the Benedictines who remained there for over three centuries assuming an increasingly important role in the territory. At the moment of its maximum splendor in the thirteenth century, Pope Innocent IV made it independent by putting it under direct papal protection. Damaged by fires it was turned into a fortress, but it was destroyed by the French and papal imperial troops in 1508. It was readily rebuilt by the will of Pope Clement VII but lost its ancient power. In 1823 it was used as a summer residence for the archbishops of Udine. After the 1976 Friuli earthquake, the Abbey is included among the works to be restored and after numerous restorations it has returned to its former glory.

Today the Abbey of Rosazzo operates as a center of culture in which seminars, exhibitions and debates are organized and it makes available to third parties its conference rooms with the possibility of overnight accommodation. There are in fact 14 rooms that allow you to enjoy the magnificent surrounding panorama, ranging the gaze between the hills and vineyards.

The interior spaces, from the walls completely decorated with seventeenth-century frescoes and the Venetian terrazzo floors wind through the simple structure with a regular plan with three naves,

But nature is the true queen of this place: when the sun shines high in the summer, flowers of a thousand colors grow among the vines and the Path of the Roses lights up red and orange. The Abbey, a historical, architectural and spiritual jewel of Friuli, can be visited freely and guided tours can be booked.

Abbazia di Rosazzo

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Udine
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Abbazia di Rosazzo
  Piazza Abbazia, 5 - 33044 Manzano
  +39 0432 759091

Abbazia di Rosazzo
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