Castello di Soave

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A highly representative example of medieval military architecture, the Castle of Soave rises on Monte Tenda to dominate the vast Venetian plain. Place of rare suggestion it offers itself as an itinerary for visits and for an ideal location for receptions, wedding parties, meetings or other events suited to its charm.

Castello di Soave History

The origins of this imposing fortified work probably date back to the era of the Hungarian invasions, at the beginning of the tenth century, thanks to the initiative of Berengario I ° King of Italy.

The first feudal lords were the Sambonifacio, as evidenced by a document by Federico Barbarossa, who held the castle until the beginning of the 1200s. The fortress then passed into the hands of Ezzelino III da Romano, then became property of the Greppi family in 1237.

At the end of the thirteenth century it was the turn of the Scaligeri, who retained possession for over a century giving it the structure that still retains it.

In the Renaissance it passed to the dominion of the Serenissima, which made it one of the strongholds in defense of the main link between Venice and Verona, essential for trade with all of Northern Italy.

The castle became a private property shortly after the unification of Italy and has remained until today, a fact that has contributed significantly to its restoration and conservation.

The structure, consisting of a keep and three courtyards of different sizes, is a typical military building and can be reached either on foot through the path, a little steep but suggestive, which starts from the central square Antenna, or by means of transport, arriving at the convenient private parking of the castle passing from the north slope of Monte Tenda.

The complex lends itself both for the visit of those who want to breathe the living testimony of a past rich in contests, struggles, invasions, supremacies and defeats, and as a splendid setting for receptions, wedding parties or other evocative events.

Castello di Soave

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Verona
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Castello di Soave
  Via del Castello, - 37038 Soave
  +39 045 7680036

Castello di Soave
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