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The Nobili Vitelleschi castle is a fortified castle located in the small and beautiful village of Labro, in the province of Rieti. It was founded between the 9th and 10th centuries by the Nobili Vitelleschi family. It is possible to take a guided tour of the suggestive Castle to be fascinated by every corner, as well as organize weddings and special events, or stay in the suggestive rooms.

Castello Nobili Vitelleschi History

The Labro hill was chosen by the ancestor Berardo, between the ninth and tenth centuries, to found the structure that would become the seat of his family, the nobles. For centuries, the Nobili family constituted an important reality within a vast territory, and, in Rieti, they held important political positions. In 1357, having come into possession of the fief of Repasto, they enjoyed great privileges connected to the fief itself.

The Vitelleschi were instead an important family originally from Tarquinia, known since before the year 1000, it has prominent characters among its descendants. We mention Cardinal Giovanni Maria Vitelleschi, who lived in the first half of the 1400s, a famous leader, head of the papal army and Muzio Vitelleschi, one of the brothers of Virginia, wife of Girolamo de'Nobili. Muzio, in 1600, for almost 30 years, was the Jesuit General, the highest office in the Order. Another brother of Virginia was Marcantonio, whose offspring had no luck. In fact, in the early 1600s, the only heirs alive were Virginia and her two children. Consequently, and at the request of the elderly Vitelleschi relatives, Virginia's children inherited all the patrimony of the maternal family on condition of assuming their surname and bearing their coat of arms. So the surname became Nobili Vitelleschi and the two coats of arms were united to make a single one.

The union of the Nobile and Vitelleschi families was certainly beneficial for the descendants, who were able to take advantage of a better relationship with the Papacy. The inherited assets expanded the family's range of action with a significant economic increase. The Vitelleschi had received the title of Count, transmissible to all male descendants, a title that was part of the inheritance. But it seems that it was not appreciated by the heirs, who claimed the title of Marquis, granted in the first decades of the 1700s to Francesco Nobili Vitelleschi.

In 1800 the family was very wealthy, until the new system established by Napoleon put an end to the ancient feudal system. A generation was enough for the family to lose its wealth: the ancient system had guaranteed the maintenance of the heritage which, by remaining united, was able to provide for everyone. The division caused great problems, both because the possibility of supporting the less profitable parts of the land assets with the contribution of the higher incomes was lacking, and because none of the heirs had been prepared to manage his property. At the end of the 1800s, the Nobili Vitelleschi family had very little of the enormous heritage of the past.

Berardo's descendants, the Noble Vitelleschi, still live in Labro, in a part of the ancient castle. Today Labro is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, preserved and restored with art and passion by architects who have committed themselves to respecting the medieval characteristics of the place, while bringing the comforts and innovations necessary for today's life. The restoration, which began in the 1960s, is almost complete. We still work, always with the same commitment to preserve the original appearance of the village.

 In the upper part of the village a small church, flanked by a belvedere and a large open space, makes it possible to create different kinds of ceremonies. From here a staircase leads, through the village, to the halls of the castle perfect for lunches and dinners of all sizes.

The small internal courtyard, surrounded by high stone walls, is an excellent place to organize small and medium-sized private events. Also the garden below the Castle offers various convivial possibilities. Its conformation allows to exploit separate environments, but visually and physically connected.

The Castle has two double rooms, each with its own bathroom, which is accessed by an ancient stone spiral staircase. Another possibility is offered by a small independent house adjacent to the Castle, with two double bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen. In this case, the guest can choose breakfast in the courtyard or keep his independence, for which what is necessary is provided.

Castello Nobili Vitelleschi

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Italy, Rieti
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Castello Nobili Vitelleschi
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Castello Nobili Vitelleschi
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