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Located in a calm and peaceful corner of La Louviere, the Chateau d'Hassonville offers various richly decorated rooms to its visitors and guests. It also offers 6 rooms ideal for events, meetings and functions that can accommodate up to 120 people. Known for its renowned restaurant "Le Grand Pavillon", it guarantees refined gastronomy and a rich selection of quality wines.

Château d'Hassonville History

Château d'Hassonville is a Renaissance manor house located in the idyllic natural landscape of the Ardennes, surrounded by a splendid 55 hectare private park with a pond. You will enjoy a renowned gastronomy and quality wines.

The familiar yet discreet atmosphere is ideal for starting your stay at the Château d'Hassonville. 20 comfortable rooms, living room with fireplace, walks

Hassonville was, in the past, the seat of a Court of Justice which administered a part of Laroche.
Hubert the Waha, a knight, becomes the first known owner of the court of Hassonville in 1356.

From the 15th century, this land will belong to the closest property of the Lords of Humain as well as to an employee of Laroche County.
This brings us, around 1450, to Lord Henri Botier Fexhe. His daughter, Catherine de Fexhe, married around 1455 with Jean I the Boulant. Jean II the Boulant, the eldest son, is Humain's heir to the court of Hassonville.

Of his 3 sons, Robert the Boulant, he becomes lord of Humain and Hassonville.
After the death of his son, Lamoralde Boulant, he died without other children and Hassonville aroused much interest.

Finally, Jehenne la Boulant can unite Humain and Hassonville with his estate, which he transfers to his spouse Jean Richard Scönenbourg.
In 1602 they leave Humain and Hassonville to the affinity Gérard lo Schwarzenberg.
After his death the property is left to his brother Edmond.

After the decline of Edmond the Schwarzenberg, the property passed first to Jean the Jemeppe and then to a Ville which sold the land on August 16, 1686 to Mr. Charles Gauthier de la Veranderie, governor of the Marches, for the amount of 1000 florijnen.

In 1675 the city was occupied by the troops of Louis XIV.
Louis XIV, so it is said, fascinated by the landscape, commissioned the lord de la Veranderie to build a hunting pavilion. The construction is elegant, the landscape full of charm and the large park - so the legend goes - designed by an assistant from Le Nôtre.

Louis XIV probably did not stay in Hassonville and 5 years later Hassonville is sold to Jean François Belhoste for the amount of 3,806 pounds.

By inheritance, Hassonville was transferred in 1766 to Jean François Remacle the Belhoste, the only lord of Hassonville. It was he who, after a fight against the Austrians, ordered his soldiers to plant a beech alley of which some still exist.

Of his 7 sons, Maximilien the Belhoste left the field to his cousin Frantz the Neunheuser. In 1857, the property passed to Paul Alphonse Henry who modernized and expanded the castle.

As the only hereditary son, Charles Henry obtained in 1908 the authorization, for him and for his heirs, to join the "Hassonville" to his name.

In 1911 the property was sold to Baron Ferdinand Drion du Chapois. In 1986 he sold the castle to the Rodrigues-Van Eyck family.
At the end of the same year, château d'Hassonville opens as a hotel-restaurant with 20 rooms.
Coming back to 1999, we finally have the opening of the well-known restaurant "Le Grand Pavillon" and the cellar "Le cellier de Bacchus".

Chef Sébastien Thys and his team compose an à la carte meal or in the form of a 3 or 5 course menu depending on the fresh produce from the market.

Château d'Hassonville

Time period
  • 1400s
  • Belgium, Arlon
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Château d'Hassonville
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