Circolo Degli Uniti

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The United Circle is a private club in Siena founded in 1657 on the initiative of twenty one Sienese gentlemen.

Circolo Degli Uniti History

The club, the oldest in the world, was founded on November 13, 1657 on the initiative of twenty-one Sienese gentlemen, born under the name of Noble Conversation of the Signori Uniti in the Casino of Siena (the so-called Casin de 'Nobili) and was chosen as emblem a sundial with the motto Una Moventur Varie. A building facing Palazzo Patrizi in via di Città was chosen as the venue.

The positions on which the government and administration of the Casino depended were those of governor, secretary and administrator. The governor then appointed the Master of Ceremonies and Mayors from among the members. I was part of) and cloistered religious.

Anyone who was noble, older than 18, who was not a cloistered religious, nor of bad habits, a blasphemer or a quarrelsome player, could be admitted to the theaters. Big difference, especially with the English clubs, has always been the admission to the halls of ladies, as well as knights, to literary conversations and parties.

There were many feasts and receptions organized and also many the palisades that the club ran and many on the occasion of visits by princes, kings and cardinals.
In 1848, still in the period of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, breathing an air of democracy, with the new statutes, the name of the Casino was changed to the United States Circle, and the governor was called president.

Circolo Degli Uniti

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Italy, Siena
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Circolo Degli Uniti
  Via di Città, 1 - 53100 Siena
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Circolo Degli Uniti
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