Golf Club Cà della Nave - Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini

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Ca 'della Nave is a splendid sixteenth century villa immersed in one of the largest and most noteworthy parks of the Veneto landscape. The villa is home to the Ca 'della Nave Golf Club and from 2014 to the management of Luigino Conti.

Golf Club Cà della Nave - Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini History

Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini, known as Ca 'della Nave, is a 16th century Venetian villa, immersed in one of the largest and most noteworthy parks of the Veneto landscape. The name derives from a fresco on the façade depicting a Venetian galley.

The villa was probably built between 1566 and 1575 by the Venetian family of Priuli, the first owners of the villa. Family who gave as many as three Doges to the Serenissima. The architectural form of the building, of which the architect's name is not known, has a square-plan structure on three floors and the façade decorated with frescoes by Giambattista Zelotti (1526-1578); while the elegant Istrian stone adorns windows and loggias. After 1620, the Priuli were forced to sell many of their properties including the villa of Martellago. The villa was bought by the Grimani of the "Servi di Santo Stefano" branch, a patrician family among the richest and most powerful of the Serenissima. It was renovated by the same Grimani at the beginning of the 18th century. In this period the two barchesses, built perpendicular to the building, were built, a provision that is not common in the Venetian villas; the west one used exclusively as a guest house, accommodation for famous "guests" guests; the frescoes are by Francesco Fontebasso (1707-1769), a pupil of Sebastiano Ricci. The barchessa est, whose interiors are painted by Francesco Zugno (1708-1787), extends to the "palazzetto" a tower-shaped building with a porch, a famous meeting point for visitors of the past, in whose first floor was offered coffee guests. The building joins the adjacent pre-existing cellars (end of the 16th century) and at the opposite end ends with another three-storey "colombara" tower connected to the granary. Near the barchessa, in 1807 the "casetta del subfattore" was built, which housed the priest oratory of the oratory. The various buildings such as the dovecote, the Oratory and the numerous rustic buildings form a sort of quadrangular square of rare architectural continuity between the manor house and its dépandances. Also at the beginning of the eighteenth century the works began to rearrange the fashionable garden of the period; there are two documents (1671) with very similar projects, the first designed by the architects Mattia De Rossi and Felice Della Greca, probably commissioned by the Procurator of San Marco Antonio Grimani, ambassador to Rome from 1665 to 1671; but according to other scholars, the garden is the work of the French architect André Godeau; the garden was completed in 1706. It also has a beautiful park with old tree species, among which stands a gray oak (Quercus Robur) of the mid-nineteenth century whose dendrometric data are: 27 meters high, crown of 23.50 m . and the imposing diameter of 412 cm. During the stay of N.H. Antonio Grimani, retired to live in Martellago, the villa hosted many patrician and ecclesiastical personalities; probably also Pietro Grimani doge of Venice from 1741 to 1752.

Making your event in Cà della Nave is a unique and memorable experience, not only because it is a historic location surrounded by greenery, but especially for the many solutions that it can offer, different in style, capacity and type, designed for meet the most diverse needs, whether you plan a small private event or a sumptuous gala dinner, whether you are looking for the ideal location for your business event or that you have to organize an important cultural event.

The restaurant "Le Serre" is the beating heart of the Cà della Nave Golf Club but it is also the most modern and glamorous location of the entire property. An exclusive and welcoming environment with more than a hundred seats inside but which triple its spaces when the large windows overlooking the outdoor pools are opened. Great for a relaxing break for lunch and ideal for an evening with friends in the evening, the well-equipped space and trendy decor lends itself to any type of event, from the small birthday, to the big party with space for dancing, from the most classic as communions and confirmations to the most wild theme parties.

From 2017 the management has returned under the direct direction of the Golf Club that has selected a staff of professionals, both at an enogastronomic and organizational level, to fulfill every request with style and dynamism.
There are 3 swimming pools set as jewels between the "Restaurant Le Serre" and the golf courses, very close to the many indoor and outdoor bar stations overlooking a paradise of greenery and tranquility. A trendy location for a poolside party, with stylish furnishings and soft evening lights is also the ideal place to spend a pleasant summer day without the inconvenience of tail-of-car miles. For information on the entrances contact the Secretariat of the Golf Club.

The golf course is the first of the three courses designed in Italy at the end of the 80s by the famous US Golf champion Arnold Palmer, well-known designer of golf courses in the world, inspired by the nearby Venice, spreading the 27 holes of water. If at the beginning the track could give good players a few less shots thanks to the dodleg cuts, now that the trees have grown, it is less easy to take certain liberties. Also because, in addition to the vegetation, you have to deal with the bunkers that in some cases are immense.

Arnold Palmer created a first-class path in the technical and aesthetic result, developing from a surface of 75 hectares two tracks: a "champion" 18 holes "par 72 of 6350 meters, and a" executive "of 9 holes. The big bunkers scattered along the fairways and in defense of large and fast greens, fit armoiosamente between the vegetation and the pools of water in the wide horizons of a technical and suggestive path, until the arrival on the green of the 18th, which opens in a natural amphitheater inside the park.
We can count on a highly experienced staff who know and experience golf with seriousness and professionalism. Luigino Conti has come to the management who brings with him the experience of over 20 years of golf at the highest level. Peculiarity of the field is given by the abundance of water obstacles created with artificial lakes that affect as many as 12 of the 18 holes, the consistent presence of large bunkers to the American, from the technical aspects and the pleasantness of the surrounding landscape that count among the best competition fields made in Italy.

Golf Club Cà della Nave - Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Venice
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Golf Club Cà della Nave - Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini
  Piazza della Vittoria, 14 - 30030 Martellago
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Golf Club Cà della Nave - Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini
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