Villa Stucky

Via Don Bosco, 47 - 31021 Mogliano Veneto - Treviso   see map - Contact
A hundred years after its birth, Villa Stucky returns to the limelight of social life placing itself among the hotels that occupy the first places in the list of jewels of the hotel industry.

Villa Stucky History

Villa Stucky is a masterpiece of elegance that is well positioned in terms of quality standards in the range of small exclusive hotels, refined and intimate: it is an intact corner where a lifestyle re-echoes that deserves the praise of a refined reserve, memory of the culture of the place. Just to keep alive the historical memory of this building, a restoration has brought back the ancient structure to its original appearance, to offer guests a delicate atmosphere with an ancient taste.

Anyone entering the villa will enjoy the charm that characterized the years of active summer residence of the ancient and noble Stucky family who significantly chose to situate their residence in the Veneto region, within a picturesque landscape that embraces some of the most beautiful Venetian villas, located along the ancient Roman road of Terraglio. On this road that joins two beautiful cities such as Venice and Treviso, is Mogliano Veneto, in the center of which stands the Villa Stucky building which, despite being a traditional Venetian villa, presents evident mittel-European influences, a sign of a consolidated international tradition .

This is one of the aspects that makes the Hotel the ideal place for social relations and a popular destination for those who need a welcoming environment, capable of combining the characteristics of a reserved space and at the same time specialized facilities designed to fully accommodate multiple needs of those traveling for work. The park is equipped with paths and pitches covered by mobile structures to offer complete use also of the external environment.

On the ground floor we find forms with an articulated form that confers magnificence and at the same time domesticity to the various spaces, starting with the "Sala Stucky", which is used for conferences and meetings. This room communicates with the exclusive restaurant whose style favors quiet candlelit breakfasts and dinners, where, in addition to tasting the best dishes of the Venetian cuisine and in particular Treviso, you can admire stuccos and decorations brought back to new light that make the atmosphere similar to that of a century ago. The furniture was finally created in order to create a unique style that is well suited to the needs of the most exclusive guests, who can also organize business lunches and representation.

Also on the ground floor there is a bar overlooking the main front and communicating with the conference room; it is the jewel of the Hotel, whose seduction is given by the atmosphere of intimacy that emanates and which is a common element characterizing Villa Stucky; in this small "living room" you are at the same time inside and outside the villa, thanks to the veranda overlooking the outside through ancient cast-iron columns, splendid testimonies of an era and style. Ceilings, stuccoes and antiques alternate with the most modern and sophisticated comforts. In this way the villa has become at the same time residence, museum and image of a past that lives next to the past; the 20 rooms are logically diversified, going from single to spacious, elegant and comfortable.

Villa Stucky

Time period
  • 1900s
  • Italy, Treviso
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Villa Stucky
  Via Don Bosco, 47 - 31021 Mogliano Veneto
  +39 0415 904528

Villa Stucky
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