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Located in the historic center of Klagenfurt, within walking distance of the city's major attractions, the historic Hotel Palais Porcia offers the exclusive opportunity to live in rooms in the style of the greatest historical periods from the Tuscan Renaissance to the age of Louis XVI, with rooms and suites decorated by Dutch, Venetian or Hans Makart paintings.

Hotel Palais Porcia History

The history of the Palais Porcia is inextricably linked to the history of Klagenfurt: Klagenfurt was under the empire of Maximilian I, as sovereign of the country gave, with document dated April 24th 1518 the city to the provincial states and in this period Klagenfurt became provincial capital of Carinthia. From a small town of about 70 houses and 700 residents, it was after the first expansion of the city by the hereditary properties, a respectable and consistent city with more than 70,000 inhabitants. During the construction of the city the Palais Porcia was also born, which was not only inhabited by the Porcia family, but was also later of the Rauschern, Garzarolli or Wittgenstein. It was a villa, which gradually became a condominium with law firms, apartments and shops. Even before World War I, one could see a life-size stone sculpture of Charles V in the imposing staircase in the year 1566. Furthermore, the saying: he is a true man and good of the blood of God, which, if he can to do evil, his enemies do good. This saying can be found today on the exterior facade of the house.

It has also been shown historically that from June 1706 to May 1712 the counts of Wittelsbach lived in the Palais Porcia. These were the four oldest sons of the elector of Bavaria. At the end of the 18th century on the ground floor of the house was the Dorrer café, one of the largest shops in town. The "Dorrer house" as it was called was one of the city's social centers. After World War II, coffee went into decline. In 1968 the building was owned by the butcher of Klagenfurt Rome. According to newspapers, the house was described as subject to collapse and the authority established that it be removed by December 31, 1968.

During this phase, the couple composed by dr. Kurt and Inge Unzeitig bought the Palais Porcia. According to the Federal Monuments Office, the façade had to be approved by experts as it was a protected building. In 1969, the 200-year-old Baroque facade was removed by the Klagenfurt sculptor Arnulf Pichler and carefully restored on behalf of the couple. The entire complex of buildings has been rebuilt and the façade restored with great media interest. This was celebrated as a happy marriage between tradition and modernity. In a part of the former palace was hosted the Quelle department store, the first large store in the Carinthian capital.

On the 3rd and 4th floor of the building, the Unzeitig couple built the Hotel Palais Porcia. In the early years it was family-run and then the Musils were rented to a family of pastry chefs. In the 80s of the century last the Hotel was of the Unzeitig family, completely renovated and redesigned. Due to the great passion for collecting the Unzeitig couple, the Hotel Palais Porcia was designed in such a way that the art arose and themselves in the foreground.

In the hotel there are original paintings by Friedrich of Amerling, Carl of Blaas, Hans Makart or Lampi. The Persian carpets in the house were partly owned by the Shah family of Persia. The silk wallpaper used in the suites and in the business rooms have been rendered separately.

The family-run Hotel Palais Porcia now houses 35 rooms and suites. What started centuries ago is like a provincial seat and has found its continuity behind a new facade and a new roof with a large number of very important guests.

Hotel Palais Porcia

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Klagenfurt
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Hotel Palais Porcia
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Hotel Palais Porcia
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