Schloss Mageregg

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Schloss Mageregg is a complex in the north of Klagenfurt, in the district of Annabichl. Originally built in 1590, it was modified in its present form in the mid-nineteenth century and is now used as a restaurant

Schloss Mageregg History

Schloss Mageregg was built by Wolfgang III. Lean from Fuchsstatt, which built the castle with a moat in the middle, surrounded by a high wall and the park.

The construction completed in Renaissance style in 1590 was in the shape of a hook and had five corner towers. This original form of the building can clearly be seen on a representation of Valvasor in 1688.

After the builder's death, Anna Freifrau von Teuffenbach bought the structure in 1607. In 1622 he sold it to the barons Carl von Egg and Hungersbach. After he was expelled as a Protestant in 1628 of the village, he took over Georg Mageregg, Vizedomus and the provost of the cathedral in Gurk, the estate. Although he died a year later, it is likely that the castle's name dates back to him. In 1629 Johann Andreas von Rosenberg bought Mageregg, as other owners followed Georg Ernst of Deutenhofen, 1698 the baron of Geilberg in 1767, 1735 the baron of Schluga, 1810 Mary Genophe of the straw village and 1840 Thomas of Moro.

This last one pushed in 1845 the complete conversion in its present form. The design came from Peter Rudolfi of Völkermarkt, the construction carried out by Domenico Venchiarutti of Gemona. The original southeastern part was demolished and a new south-eastern tower was added. The facade has been completely renovated. Mageregg remained in the possession of the Moro family until 1904, when the owners changed again: 1904 Julius von Rainer-Harbach, 1917 Hans Suppan and 1934 Manfred Ragg.

On April 27, 1967, the hunting community of Carinthia bought the property and redesigned the interiors. In 1986, another restoration followed, which also included the external façade, while in 2001 the external courtyard was repaved, and in 2002 and 2005 further internal redevelopment measures were undertaken.

The ground floor and terrace are now used as a restaurant, while the upstairs rooms are available for events and ceremonies. The castle park is partly used as a hunting reserve.

Schloss Mageregg

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Austria, Klagenfurt
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Schloss Mageregg
  Mageregger Str., 175 - 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
  +43 463 54444

Schloss Mageregg
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