Schloss Ehrenbichl

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Ehrenbichl Castle (originally also called Ehrenpichl) is located a few kilometers northwest of Klagenfurt on an artificially created terrace on the southern slope of Ehrenbichlerberg.

Schloss Ehrenbichl History

The construction of the castle is unclear, but according to a report by Johann Weichard von Valvasor, the castle was owned by the widow Countess Benigna Rosina Khevenhüller around 1688. It is therefore assumed that the Khevenhüller family built the castle at the end of the 16th century as rectangular building initially on one floor. The second floor may not have been added until the 17th century. During Valvasor's lifetime, the building had two watchtowers on the south side. At that time there was also a magnificent garden in front of the building. Both are no longer available today.

In 1740 Maria Anna von Mossenau sold the property to Johann Georg Pirker von Pirkenau. After Ignatz von Pirkenau's death in 1806, the castle came into the possession of Franz Xaver von Platzer. Other owners were Franz von Knappitsch, the Wodley trade in 1809, Theodor Rauscher in 1833, Anna von Steinkühl in 1855, Maria Mischik in 1877 and finally Friedrich von Ehrenwert in 1898. His descendants sold the castle to Emmerich Teuber and Charlotte Teuber- Coxe in 1925. Another change of ownership followed in 1949. Today there is a game reserve in front of the castle, an idyllic swimming pond and in the summer holiday apartments are also rented. A total of 8 fully equipped holiday apartments for 2 to 6 people each are available

Schloss Ehrenbichl

Time period
  • 1600s
  • Austria, Klagenfurt
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Schloss Ehrenbichl
  Ehrenbichlweg, 31 - 9061 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
  +43 463 49358

Schloss Ehrenbichl
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