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The Albeck Castle is a cultural center housed in a building dating back to the Middle Ages characterized by concerts, theater performances, exhibitions as well as a restaurant and shop.

Schloss Albeck History

Following an imperial donation, the Albeck area in Carinthia Gurktal reached the possession of the Counts of Friesach-Zeltschach, the ancestor of Saint Hemma, the founder of the Cathedral of Gurk in 898. They built the Albeck castle on the steep mountain side of Engen Gurk in the 10th century.

In 1043 Hemma donated the Albeck rule with the pertinent farms and forests to the Nunnery Gurk, which was dissolved again in 1070. Subsequently, Albeck was briefly in possession of the Archdiocese of Salzburg and the newly established diocese was handed over by him. Gurk, who thus provided a secular sex.

In 1155, Albeck castle was first mentioned in a document. In the same century, in 1194, the Liberi family died from Albeck. After a hereditary dispute with the related sexes, the Albeck 1264 rule finally reached the diocese of Gurk.

From 1339, the office of the caretaker or bailiff was the first time at Albeck castle.

In 1651 Pfleger Ulrich von Basayo repaired the ruined castle. But already in 1680 the castle was demolished and two kilometers away on the old Roman road towards Sirnitz was the late Baroque building, the current Albeck castle and a farm building built from the stones of the castle. The current castle door is the old castle door. Even a stonemason can still be seen in the curve.

In 1800 the Dienerhaus was built as Biedermeierstöckl. The office of Pflegschaft lost its meaning in 1848 with the liberation of the peasant. From that moment on, the castle served as an episcopal forest office and later as an apartment for families of forest workers. The construction fabric gradually fell into disrepair.

The revitalization of Albeck Castle took place in 1987. After almost 1000 years of ecclesiastical rule, Albeck returned to the possession of a woman: Elisabeth Sickl bought the dilapidated building, which is a historic building, from the diocese Gurk had it restored.

Schloss Albeck

Time period
  • Middle Ages
  • Austria, Feldkirchen in Kärnten
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Schloss Albeck
  Schlossweg, 5 - 9571 Sirnitz
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Schloss Albeck
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