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The setting of a centuries-old park of olive trees, in one of the most suggestive areas of Puglia's Mediterranean vegetation, envelops the unique set of Masseria Gialli, where moments of absolute relaxation are spent between the Byzantine roots and Norman re-enactments.

Masseria Gialli History

The exact origins of Masseria Gialli are a datum wrapped in mystery. What is certain is that it was born as a rural masseria and then transformed into a noble villa. The history of this ancient structure is closely intertwined with that of the Nuccio family, originally from the town of Casarano. In the 18th century Biagio Nuccio decided to make it a home for himself and his bride, the noble Diaz. Among his nephews we find Pompeo Nuccio, lawyer and coordinator of Italian embassies in Europe. With his commitments he often found himself attending social gatherings in Rome and became a close friend of the poets Carlo Alberto Salustri, known under the pseudonym of Trilussa, and Gabriele D'annunzio, both often guests of the farm and Don Pompeo's traveling companions. Vate knew Apulia thanks to Don Pompeo and the partnership between the two is witnessed by a dense correspondence today still visible at the Vittoriale.

In addition to being the cradle of artists and worldly parties, the farm was a political refuge in 1943 for King Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoy, and the only evidence of this event is given by a gift made by the House of Savoy to the Nuccio family and the presence in the farm of a surveillance tower used during the war.

In 1992 Masseria Gialli was bought by Rocco Manco, a native farmer from Taurisano who has always been an expert in oil production. Rocco, who emigrated to Switzerland from 1958, returned to his hometown, together with his wife Stefania Mele, and with the masseria it was love at first sight. The dream of Rocco and Stefania, later embraced by his sons Donato, Marcello and Antonio, was to make the farm a farm, a place for everyone. The quality and tradition have been handed down from Rocco to his sons, who still today are involved in the production of oil and organic farming.

Spectacular and harmonious architectural forms, typical of the Salento peninsula, welcome guests in rooms and suites with a real family atmosphere and at the same time exclusive. Exclusivity that continues in the restaurant, where healthy and genuine products are combined in traditional dishes, accompanied by a careful selection of wines.

Masseria Gialli

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Italy, Lecce
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Masseria Gialli
  Contrada Tore, - 73059 Ugento
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