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Casa Resta, in Francavilla Fontana, a patrician villa built in the early 16th century is, today, a fantastic location for unique events. Charm and history persist in the interior and exterior of the Villa.

Casa Resta History

The construction dates back to 1812, probably with the elevation of a rural building, in the second half of the nineteenth century, the casino, ideal today for hosting weddings and special events in Brindisi, was flanked by the body containing the scenic staircase, drawn from the varied repertoire citizen, on the east side, and from the portico with the terrace above on the west side, and was connected by a tree-lined avenue to the road for Latiano-Brindisi. The main nucleus, identified by four rusticated pilasters hanging from the balustrade cornice, has two openings with a lowered arch. On the first floor two windows with curvilinear gables flank the majestic loggia framed by the central pilasters. The characteristic double pendulous arch rests on two columns with a grooved stem for a third, which rise from bases as high as the wrought iron balustrade and prolonged on the facade with decorative motifs similar to those of the pilasters.

It faces the building, preceded by two concave balustraded wings with statues of saints at the ends, a chapel with an incomplete fastige with rich volutes and statues and with a singular sail bell tower that rises laterally from a wavy balcony. With the transformations that took place in the nineteenth century and with those of the post-war period, the lower part was used as a living room with a kitchen behind it and equipped with an acetylene lighting system through a large wooden candelabrum; the upper part of the sleeping area with refined finishes and "city" comforts. The "square" on which the casino and the chapel face each other stretches west and east with two colonnaded paths and pergolas shaded by mighty wisteria plants. An illuminating example, therefore, of a high quality rural factory, with architectural and decorative connotations similar to city buildings of the late eighteenth century.

The structure, which has become one of the most exclusive reception rooms in the province of Brindisi, but also in Taranto, is immersed in a verdant garden full of trees, shrubs and aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub, such as the magnificent specimens of ancient olive trees, part of of the large forest that once extended throughout the district, but also two magnificent avenues of pine trees, and then holm oaks, carob trees, laurel, oleanders, gorse, rosemary, to which were added, with the new property, palm trees and exotic plants of various types to further enrich and characterize a truly unique context.

In recent months the entrance garden has been redesigned on the south-east side, giving it the appearance of an Italian garden, in which, among the geometries of the hedges, flowering bushes and paths, the Tuscan cypresses stand out, the statues in terracotta representing the four seasons, vases of various types and, in the center of the large circular square, a monumental travertine fountain that rises from an octagonal basin.

Casa Resta

Time period
  • 1500s
  • Italy, Brindisi
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Casa Resta
  Superstrada Taranto, SS7 - 72021 72021
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Casa Resta
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