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Masseria Maccarone is located in Fasano, a few kilometers from Monopoli, immersed in a centuries-old olive grove. Within this monumental complex guests have available independent apartments with private bathrooms and kitchen, where you can relive the magical atmosphere of the past, like masses, lords and peasants of centuries ago.

Masseria Maccarone History

It was 1754 when the Colucci family built the massacre Maccarone, a monumental manor house in the middle of a semi-fortified architectural complex. A long wall encloses a large courtyard, which overlooks buildings that cover a period of six hundred years: in addition to the villa, characterized by the charm of the scrolls of a "baroque country style", rural houses originating in the sixteenth century, a Hypogeum of the thirteenth century, ancient stables and barns, which house a sort of agricultural museum, and an eighteenth century church, interesting for the two separate entrances, the one for the lords' gallery and the one for the sharecroppers.

After almost three centuries the Colucci family still lives here and carries on the agricultural activity, mainly focused on the cultivation of the olive tree, which occupies most of the sixty hectares of the estate. The olives produced are then cold pressed in the oil mill at the villa, partly used as a tasting room. Among ancient stone millstones and wooden trailers are enjoyed in companions of cold dishes, cheeses and delicious extra virgin olive oil (the products can also be purchased).

The intense and warm color of the tuff characterizes all the lodgings, some of which have a kitchenette, made in the houses once occupied by the laborers and now renovated keeping intact the rural wisdom that conceived them and the charm of a simple and Spartan taste .

Masseria Maccarone

Time period
  • 1700s
  • Italy, Brindisi
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Masseria Maccarone
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Masseria Maccarone
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